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Making waves – and friends – in Malaysia

The ISM has been proactively building its global networks, most recently in Malaysia, where we were delighted to be able to strengthen our links Members have been talking to us for some time now about the desire to be part of a Sales Professional Body with a truly global reach. Although the ISM is UK based, we do already have an established global presence and reach but our ambition to continue to develop and increase [...]

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How to pick more winners

Darren Spence explains how you can take the luck out of recruiting great salespeople It still surprises me that employers and specialist recruitment companies don’t work better together to improve the way salespeople are hired and onboarded. Too much emphasis (and risk) rests on the shoulders of the employer to manage the process effectively – recruiters could do more. I’ll come back to that point later on, but first let me ask you a couple [...]

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Building a buyer persona – how to turn data into customer insight

At the heart of all marketing is one very important question – who are you aiming to reach? Unless you know exactly the kind of customers you are targeting, you will never know how best to engage with them. No strategy can be developed without detailed buyer personas and running campaigns without this crucial point of focus is essentially just shooting in the dark. Why are buyer personas so important? According to a study by [...]

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Becoming the brand and selling you

Selling successfully involves many different skills, and it’s not all about persuasive patter. To succeed in sales and importantly, to smash your targets – you need to know how to sell yourself. A salesperson is in many ways the voice of the brand, embodying its best qualities and being able to ‘sell’ the advantages of buying from or working with the brand. This is called social selling, and it involves developing and strengthening a personal [...]

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The Best Entry Level Sales Jobs

If you’re just starting off in sales, finding an entry level job can be a good place to begin and get your foot on a sales career path. An entry level job is typically designed for recent graduates, college leavers, or for candidates looking for on-site training in a specific discipline. Such jobs can also be suitable for older workers aspiring to take a new direction in their careers. As sales is a highly competitive [...]

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Top 10 sales skills every sales professional needs

To succeed in sales, you must master a certain set of skills. Having the right temperament and passion for the job are must-haves, but you can also develop and nurture the skill sets needed to rise through the ranks in the fast-paced sales world. Here’s our guide to the top 10 sales skills that every professional working in the industry must master: Listening. This doesn’t just mean staying quiet when a lead or client is [...]

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What CRM platforms are out there?

What could a better CRM system do for your sales team, and for your business? Customer Relationship Management platforms benefit businesses in many ways, including: Centralising vast quantities of data and making it easier to manage Easy access to any detail at your fingertips Updating customer contact details Track every customer interaction Improve your customer relationships and lifetime value If you’re looking to upgrade your existing CRM platform or you’re starting out from scratch, you [...]

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ISM announces Partnership with Siemens Managed Services

The ISM is proud to announce a new partnership with Siemens which will see them provide the company’s Managed Services Team with ISM membership and access to the ISM Professional Sales Certification pathway. Participation in a robust Sales development learning journey will not only benefit the team by ensuring that its existing skills are recognised, but it will also provide a structure that makes ongoing professional development possible.  The outcome will be an even stronger [...]

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Top 10 sales objections and how to handle them

What makes a prospect decide to buy? There are many reasons, from the price and the timing of the call to the communication skills of the salesperson. However, what really seals the deal in many situations is when a prospect can’t think of any good reason not to buy. This happens when a sales professional is able to deal with and break down each objection that a client may have, until they have no objections [...]

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Four crucial points to remember when setting sales targets

Targets are king in the world of sales.  The fixation on achieving goals is what keeps many salespeople motivated and of course, hitting targets is essential for business revenue and growth. But when it comes to setting targets, there are lots of things to consider. You can’t simply pluck a figure out of the air, and it isn’t only statistics on paper that matter. Here are some crucial points to consider when setting new targets [...]

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