16 10, 2017

Are you demotivating your sales team without realising it?

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There are lots of different ways to motivate salespeople, many of which draw on the common characteristics of human nature while others are tailored to the individual and what drives them. Sales managers try all sorts of different techniques to motivate their team, but some could actually be having the opposite effect. Are you doing any of the following? If so, you could be demotivating your team without even realising it. [...]

4 10, 2017

Key challenges employers are faced with in recruiting sales teams

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Someone outside the industry may think that there is no shortage of sales professionals, but employers are actually facing very real challenges in recruiting the right sales teams. Not just any sales rep will do – employers depend on recruiting and retaining professionals with exactly the right skills, competencies and training to help drive their business forward in a challenging, fast-moving industry. Attracting the best talent The sales recruitment market is [...]

27 09, 2017

ISM Members Receive 20% Discount to the
National Sales Conference

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Following our continued partnership with the National Sales Conference, taking place on 30 November at Ricoh Arena, the ISM is proud to be able to offer members an exclusive 20% discount for the event. The discount is applicable to the early booking discount, which closes on 29th September. The National Sales Conference brings together over 500 of the UK’s top sales professionals, from companies including Aston Martin, Aggregate Industries, BAE Systems, EMC, SIG, Oracle, [...]

27 09, 2017

Creating the right environment for selling: five top tips

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Succeeding at sales involves a number of different factors all falling into place at the same time. Great management, the right talent and strong motivation are all essential parts of the process, but nothing could happen without the right sales environment. Creating a great atmosphere for selling is absolutely vital. Without it, you could end up with demotivated staff and a company culture that starts to veer off track. This can [...]

27 09, 2017

Are Membership Bodies still relevant today?

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As the digital landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years, professional membership bodies have had to work hard to keep up. But are they still relevant today, or has social media and other networks replaced them? To not only survive but offer value and remain relevant to their members, today’s organisations need to adapt to the digital world, ensuring that they have a strong presence on social media platforms [...]

7 09, 2017

Is sales a valuable career?

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The short answer to this crucial question for anyone considering a career in sales is, of course, yes. There are many beneficial and indeed valuable aspects of sales beyond salaries and bonuses that many job-hunters don’t even consider – let’s explore a few of them. Self-confidence A good sales professional takes the lead, starting a process and then following it through to completion. If you can set out to achieve a [...]