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Our Online Mentoring forum eliminates the geographical barriers presented by traditional 1-2-1 mentoring. Mentors can meet anytime, anywhere. Meetings can be scheduled on the fly and conducted in numerous formats. If a mentee has a question, they can simply message their mentor and check back later for the answer. Online mentoring allows participants to easily share networks and resources, as well as effectively track the mentorship as it progresses. All history of communication is in one place and accessible to both mentor and mentee at any time.

Of course, if the relationship begins to blossom between you and your mentor, we actively encourage you to meet up at a time that’s convenient.

Information for Mentees

The individual serving as your Mentor will have significant experience in a particular arena and will be assigned a specific forum. Note also that your Mentor has graciously donated his or her time to work with you. Each has been vetted and approved by the ISM.

  • Candidates are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Have fun – take advantage of this opportunity
  • Think ‘big picture’ with your mentor
  • Use the Mentor for sales related strategic questions in your job or career

Information for Mentors

Mentors benefit from the ISM Mentor program by:

  • Becoming instrumental in elevating respect for our sales profession
  • Becoming integral to growing our organisation
  • Helping guide a person with their sales career
  • They will be identified at ISM events, on their name badge, acknowledged in a program and website

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About our Mentors

If there is one common thread we’ve heard from our Mentors, it is the crucial role a Mentor played in shaping their own sales careers. Anyone who wishes to improve their personal and professional skills and grow their network needs to find at least one person they can turn to for guidance.

Mentors are some of the most valuable assets for successful sales people.

If you’re teachable, then you will greatly benefit from working with someone who can give you professional advice and guide your sales efforts. Not every successful sales professional is a perfect mentor for you, though. You need to find someone whom you admire who is also successful, positive, and a good listener.

Here’s an introduction to our mentors.

Adam Johnson

ISM Fellow – Adam Johnson jumped from the Security Industry to L&D some 3 years ago and now has the benefit of combining these unique skill sets into a guaranteed formula for sales success. Adam has been accredited with the ISM BESMA Judge accolade which he is extremely proud.

Alison Edgar

ISM Fellow – Alison Edgar is The Entrepreneur’s Godmother and has developed a fresh new approach to sales training and coaching, teaching start-ups, micro’s, small businesses and sales teams to sell more of their fantastic products and services through her Easy Peasy Sales course and coaching.

Anna Britnor Guest

ISM Fellow – Anna Britnor Guest. Whether you’re starting out in your career or a seasoned sales leader, I offer an experienced sounding board, support and challenge to help you adapt to changing markets and be successful in complex B2B and international sectors.

Claire Philliskirk

Experienced Digital Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) focused in Law from University of Liverpool.

Donna O’Toole

Donna O’Toole is an Awards Expert helping businesses, brands & leaders grow their profile through awards and recognition strategies

Gavin Ingham

ISM Fellow – Gavin Ingham helps people to grow their sales and build high performance teams and travels all over the world to motivate and inspire audiences to be more, do more and achieve more; he is a BESMA judge, 3X National Sales Conference speaker and has addressed more than 200,000 people through his live talks.

James Spear

ISM Executive – James Spear is a Marketing Manager and as his business expands and markets emerge, the challenge for the marketing team is to identify new opportunities, collaborate with key partners and work with the executive team to deliver the fully integrated marketing strategy in tune with the business plan.

Jean-Carl Palmyre

ISM Champion – Jean-Carl Palmyre is a Networker developing significant relationships underpinned by skills in coaching and strategic management.

Excellent leadership skills and effective in leading people to exceed individual and professional goals whilst achieving ethically.

Laurence Winmill

ISM Fellow – Laurence Winmill is responsible for developing business strategy, whilst driving the company forward to achieve its goals and ambitions throughout the next stage of its exciting development also created numerous start up projects and has a critical understanding of markets, customers and business development.

Marcus Cauchi

Marcus started his selling career in 1986. He became licensed by Sandler in 2004. His early career was selling media and technology, headhunting and lead generation.

Marcus is co-author of “Making Channel Sales Work” and has authored over 400 articles and produced over 200 videos on sales, sales management, sales recruitment, sales accountability, compensation, direct sales, enterprise selling and channel sales management.

Neil Lloyd

ISM Fellow – Neil Lloyd left Lombard at the end of 2015 to become Sales Director for award winning law firm FBC Manby Bowdler. His work in the sales arena has been accredited by ISM, he is an Affiliate of IFS School of Finance and a Charter Banker.

Nigel Dunand

ISM Fellow – Nigel Dunand is a Fellow of MD and founder of Sandler Training in Birmingham and his award-winning approach to sales and stellar track record, has given him the opportunity to work with management teams and sales teams in over 100 industries.

Paul Clayton

ISM Master – Paul Clayton,

First You Build the People. Then the People Build Your Business”.  I am a successful customer focused business growth coach, mentor & trainer helping businesses to continuously develop their people in all aspects of Leadership & Management, Sales, Customer Engagement & Customer Experience to create “a can-do-will-do” culture throughout the business.

Rebecca Harland

ISM Leader – Rebecca Harland

Over the last 5 years main focus has been account management, I now sit at Polypipe Group at Group Key Account Director after starting as a regional sales manager.

Steve Burton

ISM Fellow – Steve Burton is a ISM BESMA’s Sales Trainer of the Year 2016-2017, UKCCFS London Southeast Manager of the Year 2016 and Head of training at Kingston’s top business for Staff training and Development 2016.

Steve Thurlow

ISM Master – Steve Thurlow spent 25 years at Huthwaite International working with the worlds’ most prestigious sales organisations, he now runs his own consultancy helping organisations and individuals realise their business development potential.

Sue Reed

ISM Master – Sue Reed has been a strategic and highly influential leader in diverse industries, applying enthusiasm, focus, and more than 20 years of experience to optimise talent development, capability enrichment with extensive matrix-multi-site blended development platforms.

Topics for the forum for all the above to comment on;

  • Best Practices (Processes and Documentation)
  • Challenges faced when building your A- Player Sales Team
  • Managing Satellite Sales Teams
  • Motivation, Prospecting & Closing
  • Sales General
  • Social Profiles, Blog Writing & Growing Social Audiences
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Tips for our Mentees

Here’s some quick tips for you before you embark on this journey:

Ask yourself what you want in a mentor?

1. Maybe you see yourself following a similar career path and want to know how they got there?

2. What specific business or personal challenges are you hoping to overcome?

Don’t make a formal request

Your mentor does not need to know they’re your mentor. One of the attractive parts of being a mentor is feeling like they’re helping someone out because they want to, not because of a verbal obligation. Start simply by asking for advice or help on something specific and you can branch off from there.

Grow and maintain a healthy relationship

There is a healthy balance to the mentor-mentee relationship. You don’t want to bombard your mentor with constant questions, but you don’t want to let the relationship lag too much, either. Let the relationship develop naturally.

Listen closely to their advice

Many mentors gain personal satisfaction from giving guidance to others, so show them you are excited to hear their perspective. Even if you disagree with something, respond respectfully rather than defensively and share your improvements and results

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