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Why Talent Recruitment and Management Need To Come From The Top

Recruitment and talent management are important topics in almost any business, but they have special significance in sales organisations. After all, research from Miller Heiman Group shows that most companies struggle to both identify and retain top talent, and turnover in sales is generally twice that of other corporate roles. Given the fact that both [...]

Why You Are Missing Your Best Opportunities To Increase Sales

In order to increase sales quota year on year and achieve improved results, organisations need to develop the sales skills of their staff and specifically improve the quality of the sales conversations they have. However, you also need to be able to identify opportunities for growth and capitalise on them, [...]

Infographic that covers successful cold calling

We teamed up with Salesforce Canada to create an infographic that covers successful cold calling. It discusses the research salespeople need to conduct before a cold call, as well as what to do during and after the call. Because 80% of sales happen after the fifth contact, cold calling is [...]

See It, Say It, Sorted

Recently here in the UK we have had the launch of a national safety campaign with the simple message of “See it, Say it, Sorted” it’s a security campaign for National Rail and when I first heard it in the build up to Christmas I thought that it made complete [...]

How to kickstart those stalled sales deals

Stuck deals are a fact of life in  software sales. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into building the relationship and you’re getting the right buying signals from the client, but then things suddenly ground to a halt and you can’t reach anyone on the phone. It seems [...]

What makes an employee highly engaged?

At the moment, I can’t say this figure enough, I’ve known about the global data from Gallup for some years now and it’s never really struck me until just recently when I was thinking about organisations and the constant pressure to perform. 24% is the number of people globally who are [...]

Is it time for a Leadership MOT?

How often do we think about going along for a Leadership MOT in our entire career? I know you might be put through your paces if you’re going for a promotion but what about everyone else that isn’t on the fast track or being developed because they aren’t considered as [...]

Securing customer commitment

We’ve all heard of the Pareto Principal, which states that 80% of business will come from 20% of your customers, right? The key then is to spend less time chasing new business which can take months to come to fruition and concentrate instead on ensuring that your existing customers aren’t [...]

Adaptive Selling Styles

Some of the key requisites of a great sales professional used to include in-depth product knowledge, experience and “the gift of the gab”. Of course, much of this is as true today as it was decades ago. However, sales techniques have developed over the years and it is now recognised [...]

Drive Impact in 2018 by Understanding the Challenges That Lie Ahead

Richardson’s annual research study identifies the key selling challenges that sales professionals and sales leaders across industries will face in 2018. The research offers ground-level insights that will help sales professionals to overcome these challenges and proactively meet the needs of their customers and win more business. In the research, [...]

No time to think

It’s fair to say that the pace of the corporate world has sped up over the past 10 years, technology has played a big role in this with same time e-mails, Skype and other similar media. Add to this the fact that a lot of organisations have streamlined their headcount [...]