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26 06, 2018

Traditional Selling is Dead!

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A couple of years ago I undertook a major re-focus in my business to make more use of the internet to reach a wider audience and gain greater impact. I confess, at the beginning of the change process, I began to feel I was going to need some kind of lobotomy to remove the old fashioned and outmoded principles and processes that I have practiced for the past 40 odd years [...]

26 06, 2018

Sales in a Digital Age – How Can We All Sell with More Certainty?

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According to new research commissioned by Pipedrive into the challenges faced by 1,000 sales professionals, we found the following three alarming problems the sales industry needs to address: 74% of sales pros say they are under pressure to raise their current performance 1 in 3 need to improve their sales time efficiency Only 23% of salespeople feel like their sales team are well motivated Bottom line: Salespeople must hit [...]

26 06, 2018

Webinar: How to Turn an A-Player into a B-Player in under 4 weeks

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Hire Slow; Fire Fast You’ve just invested the price of a small mortgage hiring James Bond. You’ve scoured the market for candidates, suffered the indignity of working with recruiters, scanned dozens of CVs, interviewed for hours and sifted out the C-players and weaker B-players. You’ve found an A-player, you’re hoping s/he’ll be a superstar but you don’t want to come across as a micromanager or control freak, so you leave [...]

26 06, 2018

Webinar: Why Is Your Sales Manager Is Your Biggest Liability?

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The correct sales manager can help a team transform from average to great. The wrong sales manager can turn a high performing team into a bunch of losers, whiners and excuse makers and will drive away your top performers, leaving you with the deadwood and inconsistent performers. In this, no punches pulled, webinar, Marcus Cauchi from Sandler Training will help you identify if your sales manager is Winston Churchill or [...]

26 06, 2018

Webinar: How to build a powerful partner channel & 13 mistakes to avoid

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Channel sales is too often seen as the bastard, ugly sister of direct sales but this is a huge mistake. Forrester and Gartner agree that most of all sales and technology will be sold through the channel over the next 10 years. Unless you have a strong channel sales strategy and effective partnerships you risk being left behind. Partners sell for their reasons not your reasons and you had better [...]

25 06, 2018

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“SELLING” Professional Services 7 June Time: 11:00 – 13:00 BST Location: NatWest, 2 St Philips Place, Birmingham This workshop discusses the pitfalls of traditional approaches, and outlines an alternative. The Sandler approach to the business development process is a consultative, and low-key. It’s a proven system for client development. An ethical system that is congruent with the professional service provider. Workshop includes your own copy of “Selling Professional [...]

21 06, 2018

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Press Release: Direct Digital ISM Corporate Partnership The ISM are proud to announce a new corporate partnership with Direct Digital. The partnership provides their 20-strong sales team with ISM membership, giving each individual professional recognition demonstrating their commitment to the highest standards of ethics and good practice. The services offered by the ISM will support Direct Digital’s sales team’s ongoing development through the wealth online resources available [...]

20 06, 2018

Out Loud: Your Sales Approach Must Change says Natterbox

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The traditional sales landscape is changing. The different purchasing models used by businesses and also within the consumer environment require a shift in sales approach. Many more services are moving to consumption models. Historically a sale for a particular product or service might have been made only once every few years before an upgrade. Read more here

18 06, 2018

Essential Foundation of Sales Management ISM Accreditation

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One of Britain’s leading merchants, Howarth Timber, recently conducted a transformation of their National Sales function. As a result they required a sustainable development programme for their annual Graduate Sales intake as well as their External Sales teams. It was essential that the programme was bespoke and designed with specific industry knowledge. BESMA Award winners Reed Consultants were selected as the lead supplier to design and deliver both programmes. Having [...]

5 06, 2018

How to Write a Winning Award Entry

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We help businesses win awards on a day to day basis. Which is all down to our unique techniques, tried and tested methods, and team of expertly trained award writers who focus only on writing award entries. We’ve even created a whole online training programme called The Awards Expert Academy to show you exactly what we do so that you can start winning the awards you enter too! But we’re an [...]