If you caught my I see dead businesses the other week then you know it’s time we all took an honest look at the value we offer our customers. It’s that. Or RIP. Too often I see business leaders walking around in a daze, unaware their business is heading for oblivion. I also meet a lot of entrepreneurs that are totally hyped by their ‘next-gen product’ but have no idea why they’re here or who they serve. But I admit, it’s easier to point out where people are going wrong than when they’re doing things right. So this week the team set out to gather inspiring examples of companies that have their brand and product development nailed. In no particular order, here are five small but mighty startups quietly doing world-changing things.

Source: https://www.huddlecreative.com/blog/2018/10/1/5-startups-youve-never-heard-of-who-are-about-to-change-the-world

Authored and contributed by: Huddle London