Introduction message from CEO & Founder on AMG

Air Marketing specialises in Professional B2B business development, appointment setting, and telemarketing services.

Our people are what our clients are buying when they work with Air. Our team (known as Team Air) are on the phones generating opportunities for our clients on a daily basis. Because Team Air are vital in what we do, professional development is at the forefront for us and we are always looking for new methods of training. We truly believe in individual and team recognition, so we are excited to be able to offer accreditation within Air from The ISM. 

The ISM is a natural fit for us, we believe in the ethics of their community and want Team Air to be able to develop within this community of peers.

We also love BESMA, we’ve found bringing members of Team Air, prospects and clients along to this event has been a fantastic bonding experience. BESMA is always a fantastic night and is an event that the whole team looks forward to each year.

Best Wishes

Owen Richards
CEO & Founder Air Marketing Group | FISM

ISM Introduction

In the last quarter on 2020 – Air Marketing Group joined the ISM as a Group Member. This relationship began over 3 years ago and resulted in a partnership that will not only see 50 members of their staff join the ISM but also give those that join, as well as its senior leadership, the ability to showcase their expertise and participate across features within our Winning Magazine, Webinars, Mailings, Events and a whole host of other areas.

This is the page where you will find all this information as the ISM takes steps to showcase everything that Air will be undertaking and we hope (as we do with all our partnerships) that our members will be able to gain benefit from their outreach as well.

Best Wishes

Adam Benjamin-Brook
Sales & Membership Marketing Director | FCIM | LISM 

Air Marketing 2021 Activity Calendar

Welcome to the Air’s marketing calendar – this will be populated further in time but for now here’s what Air has going on so far…


Live Webinar: March 9 th - 2pm
Duration: 45 minutes. Hosted by Owen Richards
Topic: Mastering the art of sales development


Live Webinar: June 15th - 11am.
Duration: 45 minutes. Hosted by Owen Richards
Topic: The key metrics that drive a repeatable high-performing sales funnel


Live Webinar: October 7th - 11am
Duration: 45 minutes. Hosted by Owen Richards
Topic: Success and failures of outsourcing your sales 


Webinars Delivered

Video: (Air Marketing) Outsourced sales, a pre-conception discussed

Webinar: Inhouse vs. Outsourced Marketing

Webinar: What’s missing in your sales and marketing mix?

ISM LIVE: Driving Sales During Challenging Times


Expert Sales Advice: The Importance of Keeping Sales Going During This Time

Expert Sales Advice: How To Manage A Team When Working From Home

Vlog 4: Growing A Team Of SDRs

Vlog 6: The Problem With the Cost Per Lead (CPL) Model

Ask The MD: What Should You Look For In An Outsourced Partner?

Ask The MD: What Should Stop You Considering Outsourcing Your Lead Generation

Connect to Air:

Key Contacts at Air

Contact: Owen Richards, Founder & CEO

Contact: Marco Alfano-Rogers, Sales Director


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