Approved Training Partners


When you become an ISM Approved Training Partner, you will be at the forefront of delivering our world-class portfolio of solutions including Professional Sales Certification, OFQUAL recognised qualifications, Quality Endorsement System and development opportunities. Your organisation will benefit by association from our total holistic solutions to sales training and brand recognition which will provide you with the credibility to promote and deliver best-in-class sales programmes.

After successfully undergoing our qualification process, we’ll grant you a licence to operate as an ISM Approved Training Partner, the right to use the ISM Trade Mark and Trade Name on all marketing material as well as the opportunity to sell our range of products and services.

ISM Approved Training Partners will benefit from a training programme designed to fully equip you with the knowledge and skills to sell our portfolio of holistic solutions and leverage our wealth of information designed to support you in your activities.

You will also gain full access to our LMS (Learner Management Software) system which contains all of our training content and will allow you to deliver all of our education and development solutions virtually, automating much of the delivery process. You’ll also be able to utilise our online library of sales related books and information, written and collated by sales gurus from around the world.

Benefits of becoming an Approved Training Partner include:

  • A licence to operate as a partner of ISM OFQUAL approved qualifications, along with all associated marketing and sales support
  • Ongoing support to assist you
  • Potential sales leads and market intelligence
  • Access to the ISM Learner Management System
  • Access to the ISM Online Library and Resource Centre
  • The ability to sell the ISM Quality Endorsement System to organisations
  • The opportunity to sell ISM Professional Sales Certification
  • You will receive ISM membership and all associated benefits
  • Networking and speaking opportunities through meetings/webinars and the chance to meet with other ATP’s as well as speak directly to potential client organisations
  • Access to the ISM website and associated social media channels along with centralised marketing materials
  • Ongoing maintenance of the LMS and IT support

Becoming an Approved Training Partner with the ISM is a smart investment.

With our total and ongoing support, we will ensure that as an Approved Training Partner you are equipped to excel

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