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Winners Stories


The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) is the UK's largest professional body for salespeople. It is a privilege to take part in BESMA, a prestigious competition that recognizes the most successful individuals, nationwide across different industries. I was entered by our Sales Director for the Rising Star Category following a very successful first year in my sales as well winning “rookie of the year”, an internal award within Ecolab.


I am very passionate about what I do and the company I work for. I was promoted to a sales role in 2015, a position I had been longing for. In my new role, I’ve been committed to be a trusted advisor to our customers. My technical background and experience in the service industry have been my strongest assets. I also rely on a team of Ecolab experts and external partners who empower me to offer a tailored and best-in class service to my customers.


Winning the ISM Rising Star award has been a great achievement. I am proud to be recognised for the hard work and effort I put in my job.  It has given me a renewed drive to succeed further throughout my sales career. I believe this award will help me progress in my career and give me visibility at my company but also in the sales industry. I also hope to inspire others and pass on my passion and knowledge to other new starters in the business.

Mitchell Cox


It has given me a renewed drive to succeed further throughout my sales career.

Award - Best Employer

FBC Manby Bowdler is a multi award winning legal services firm. Most of the accolades have been awarded are at a regional level or within the sector we operate.  We wanted to benchmark how we are performing on a national scale and the BESMAs provided the opportunity.

The competition was very strong but we knew we had a good story to tell.  We’ve been focusing on improving our employee engagement for the past 5 years with some great results but having that recognised at a national level at such a prestigious award ceremony was incredible, we couldn’t quite believe it.

Winning has meant different things for different groups.  For the leadership, its recognition that all the effort we’re putting in is worthwhile, for the employees, to see the firms names up in lights on a national stage has given the everyone a lift, especially for our HR & Employment team that can now say we practice what we preach.   We believe winning is also good news for our clients, who benefit from a better quality of service because we have massively engaged employees.

I’d recommend any firm regardless of size or sector to challenge themselves to enter the BESMAs, if you get shortlisted you’ll learn lots about yourselves just by going through the judging process and who knows you might even win.

Neil Lloyd

FBC Manby Bowdler

FBC Manby Bowdler is a multi-award winning legal services firm

Award - Senior Leadership Team

At the outset of 2017 we set out a timetable of radical change that would transform our business and propel David Spear Commercials onto the National stage. Our business transformation strategy centred around three key areas – People, Process & Management inspired by clear and defined leadership. We set clear goals and business targets, created a structure that allowed innovation and invested in talented people in defined roles that made that structure work. We gave our managers the confidence to manage, our people the empowerment to innovate and we were very clever with our marketing. Unit sales and performance exceeded all expectations, confidence swept through the business and our success was celebrated with wave after wave of new achievements.

We set out to disrupt and the nucleus of that strategy was centred around sales.

We entered several national awards as part of our marketing plan and in alignment with our vision and were rewarded with two major successes, including the Auto Trader Business Transformation for Independent Dealer and the ISM Award for Senior Leadership Team of the Year.

Both awards were special, but BESMA was extra special, because it recognised the huge effort that was applied to sales, sales training and the management and leadership of the business into a different league of performance.

Results are important, awards are a celebration of that success and BESMA 2017 was a huge part of that story and the remarkable achievements of 2017.



A year of remarkable and unprecedented success at David Spear Commercial Vehicles


Entering a Business Award whether be an individual or as a team gives you a chance to look at the business from above. It allows the opportunity to appraise, review strengths, weakness and conduct a benchmark against competition in similar sectors.  An Awards event can offer time for thought, give recognition to individuals or teams within your Business and can help create a more positive and enjoyable working environment. This can also have the effect of lifting team spirit and making everyone feel more valued.   There is also nothing better than trophies in the reception or office to show visitors and staff celebration of success and achievement.

It also allows you to showcase the professionalism of your Company and gives you opportunity to treat clients or staff and thank them for their support and contribution to the business over the years.  A Business Award ‘Win’ or even finalist can offer the ideal platform for increasing brand and public relations awareness to the market. It can also contribute to the attraction and recruitment of new talent and can help towards potential investment to your organisation if required.

It can be time consuming, however with dedication and allocation of resources, the journey can be very rewarding for all involved.

Plus, be honest …What is more fun than the chance to get formally dressed up for the night and attend such a major Sales event as ISM BESMA at one of London’s most luxurious 5-star Hotels …… and have a great time!


The Winner... Could Actually Be You!


Let's be honest, salespeople like to win and be number one. We’d be in the wrong profession, otherwise.

Being top dog in your office is one thing; being the top performer in the town, country or district is an achievement; but being number one in the country is always going to bring a proud smile to your face. More importantly, it’s going to motivate others who work for you to achieve the same. Those are the reasons I entered into this award. After all, if you don’t push yourself, what’s the point?

The teams I have trained and been part of throughout my career have always shared the same ethos: play hard, play fair but always play to win. The BESMA awards epitomise that ethos. As a proud salesperson, recognition and competition have always been high on the motivation scale for me - factors that drive me to get up and climb the hill every day. So entering what many in our industry consider the ‘Sales Oscars’ was a no-brainier. And it’s certainly paid off. To be recognised on a national level as a top professional in my field, by both peers and clients, has not only inflated my ego (and nobody thought it could get any bigger) but also my bank balance, as the intake of new business has been noticeable .


We all know how to talk the talk. It’s what we get paid for. But walking the walk is more important - and hopefully, this award recognition shows how important that is to me. You have to in it to win it guys, so don't let don't let the size of this competition put you off entering. If a Northern chancer with a passion for helping people through ethical selling can win it not once but twice, why can't you? TO BE THE MAN YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE MAN... I look forward to taking on all newcomers to defend my crown in 2018. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.


BESMA, Why Bother?


“Participating in The British Excellence in Sales Management Awards (BESMA) has been a brilliant journey and something that I am very proud to have been part of. The BESMA judging process, which consists of pre-scoring and a face-to-face panel discussion, provides an opportunity to learn, to benchmark oneself against one’s peers and to understand potential areas for development, a key requirement to grow as a sales professional. A tough but fair process that I have personally learnt a great deal from over the years.

The BESMA award ceremony, provides an unequalled opportunity to network, to have fun and to celebrate hard-work and success.

Winning an award in 2017 was without doubt the highlight of my year. It was recognition not only for me, but for my brilliant team, who helped to drive our business forward.”


An Unequalled Opportunity to Network