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Message from the ISM

Be an early bird for BESMA 2018!

  • Entries for the British Excellence in Sales Management Awards 2018 – are now open
  • Early bird discount applies until 1 June 2018
  • Closing date for nominations is 2 August 2018

Preparations are now in full swing for the British Excellence in Sales Management Awards 2018.

A BESMA trophy represents the UK’s highest level of recognition for outstanding sales achievement while highlighting organisations who demonstrate best practice in sales.

The awards acknowledge the vital role Sales play in today’s fast-moving economy – providing finalists and winners with the motivation to remain dedicated to Sales Professionalism.

BESMA offers employers an opportunity to demonstrate the value they place on their top individual salespeople and teams.

And BESMA helps raise the profile of professional selling.

Nominate now!

Anyone can put forward themselves, another individual, or a sales team for a BESMA. There is no limit on the number of entries. Simply select the appropriate categories and complete an entry form for each.

Get in early – and save

Take advantage of an early bird discount for entries received by 5pm on Friday June 1.

The full list of categories and nomination forms for BESMA 2018 are available under the Categories tab. For more information, call 020 3870 4949

BESMA 2018 sponsorship

Sponsorship of a BESMA is a great way to co-brand your company with success. BESMA sponsorship is open to companies of all sizes and industry sectors. Your company would be joining a host of top names in UK sales, boosting professionalism in the sector and, of course, enjoying a superb package of profile-building benefits. Position your brand alongside the UK’s most successful salespeople and organisations and request sponsorship details today! For more information, call 020 3870 4949.

Early Bird Discount Deadline




1. Improve your expertise

- you get a written critique, highlighting areas for improvement to help refine your approach and thinking.

2. Justify your budget

- use the awards as a way of benchmarking what you're already doing or to measure yourself against your peers.

3. Raise the bar

- take your work to the next level and aim higher.

4. Inspire your team

- reward individuals or teams by showcasing their work and celebrate together.

5. Enhance our profession

- help raise the profile of sales by entering work that's proven it's value