BESMA 2019 Sponsors





Sponsor: Sales Team of The Year Under 50

BESMA and the ISM represent all that is brilliant about the sales industry. With the coming together of the best sales teams in the UK, amazing things happen. We’re participating in BESMA again this year to help support all those who make working in sales a great place to be. Recognition in sales is vital. There is no better recognition for a sales professional or team than winning a BESMA. 

Sponsor: Innovation in Sales

Sales is an amazing profession and much harder than most people think.  Having the opportunity to see sales professionals at the top of their game competing at BESMA is too tempting to miss!

Sponsor: Rising Star of The Year

Striving to develop and be recognised as a professional and successful sales company is not something that can be achieved in isolation. Involvement with BESMA allows all sales companies to benchmark themselves against previous performance and most importantly against other companies across a broad range of markets, products and services. Working with each award criteria towards nomination helps companies, managers and individuals to share best practice, make improvements and develop strategies which will ultimately benefit all involved.

General Sponsor

To quote Zig Ziglar "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." BESMA continues to be the annual event that recognises stratospheric sales efforts for those who go above and beyond the cause to further the profession.  BESMA should be on every aspiring sales person’s calendar! The event is perfectly aligned with our values of advancing, championing and recognising sales excellence, which is why the National Sales Conference, organised by Lincoln West, is delighted to continue its long standing support of BESMA.

Sponsor: Sales Development Programme of The Year

The continuous development of sales professionals is paramount to our way of thinking at Neopost. Sharing, learning and celebrating the successes within the sales industry is why we are excited to be involved with BESMA. We are delighted to be sponsoring Sales Development Programme of the year and look forward to being part of the team that recognise the highest standard achievements in the sales industry. It really is a privilege to be involved and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Sponsor: Best Employer of The Year

The BESMAs provide the unique opportunity to share our experiences with other leading sales organisations, and professionals, from across the UK. As BESMA judges we have the privilege of hearing from the top Sales talent in the UK and recognise their achievements, from rising stars, to companies that are setting new standards for sales excellence. We’re delighted to take part in the 2019 BESMA Awards!

Sponsor: Sales Team of The Year Over 50

Showpad exists to help salespeople be more successful - training, coaching and providing intelligence around content - sales performance is at the heart of our business and we're passionate about supporting, developing and recognising top sales talent. The BESMA awards give us the unique opportunity to meet those who set standards, break the mould and raise the bar in regards to performance. We're thrilled to be a judge at the 2019 awards and can't wait to get involved!

Sponsor: Sales Director of The Year

At Simon-Kucher, we are 100% focused on topline growth. As such, we know how critical sales leadership is for the success of a business. The level of experience and skills needed to be a top performing Sales Director now is so high and there is nowhere to hide: from setting the commercial strategy to developing and motivating the team, whilst also ‘hitting the numbers’ day-in-day-out. Consequently, we are proud to recognise the importance of this role by sponsoring the Sales Director of the Year category.

Sponsor: Telesales Team of The Year

Sales is a craft to be mastered. It requires discipline, continuous learning, and a commitment to constant improvement. When given a chance to review and assess the industry's best, surrounded by the industry's influencers, for the industry's finest awards gala, one does not hesitate to participate. I am completely enthralled at the prospect of judging the BESMA submissions. On behalf of VanillaSoft, the industry's most successful sales engagement solution, sign me up.

Sponsor: Sales Training Provider of The Year

At Virgin Media, we have a clear outward facing purpose, “Building Connections that Really Matter”. We believe that working with BESMA presents us a unique opportunity to build better connections with both a fantastic industry body that promotes and showcases our sector, but also allows us to build great connections with other businesses and key leaders.

Virgin Media’s North Star is to be the most recommended brand in our sector, for both our people & our customers. We believe that promoting the brilliant performance our sales & marketing professionals both internally & externally allows us to truly live up to that promise.

Virgin Media is delighted to have this opportunity, and we’re all looking forward to recognising & celebrating with the fantastic people in our industry.

Sponsor: Sales Professional of The Year

As somebody who is passionate about influencing our profession to achieve nothing but the most effective sales results, I am proud to sponsor Sales Professional of the year 2019. As a member for more than 3 decades, I have witnessed, first hand, the ISM’s growth and ever-increasing significance as a Champion of the sales profession. There is no better medium from which to achieve my goals to influence sales excellence and the absolute power it creates. 

Sponsor: Sales Manager of The Year

Representing Corporate Members; Yara UK Ltd, Paul Norman is proud to be judging at this year’s BESMA for the first time.

Professional development is key to engagement and organisational success. So the opportunity to be a part of a process that can drive up standards within the sales profession by rewarding those who really strive to achieve recognition, are key reasons we are pleased to be judging at BESMA. The very best of luck to all those entering!”

Sponsor: Customer Service Team of The Year

Sponsoring the BESMA Awards is without question a rewarding and highly beneficial experience for Zoho as it ensure exposure to a host of businesses. We are proud to be sponsors of the awards and it is an industry celebration to keep in your calendar year on year.

Sponsor: BESMA Lifetime Achievement Award

Yell has a lasting heritage in the sales arena, with one of the most professional and successful sales teams in the UK. Sponsoring the BESMA Lifetime Achievement award for 2019 is a perfect fit for us, as for over 50 years our sales professionals have been driving our business growth, including our recent digital transformation. These awards are a fantastic showcase of successful sales teams across the UK – with some of our Sales teams and Individuals being BESMA winners themselves previously, we are honoured to sponsor this award and to be joining the BESMA judging panel for the first time.