Here’s an introduction into all you need to know about BESMA, how we delivered it in the past and what’s changed

BESMA is an annual awards ceremony hosted by The Institute of Sales Management to recognise the sales profession, whether it be within our own membership or the wider world.

Here’s how the awards started last year, in front of just under 1,000 salespeople on three large screens in low light …

From the categories being announced to the awards final itself, here’s a typical timeline:

Typical Timetable

Start:                   BESMA Launched, Nominations Opened

6 months later:   Nominations Closed

8 months later:   Finalists announced (usually 5-6 per category)

10 months later: Finalists are invited to a Judging Day where, in under 20 minutes, they have to present why they deserve to win in front of a panel of 2-3 Judges.

12 months later: Winners of each category are announced on the awards night.

Watch this Highlight Video and see what the Awards were like in 2017.

Watch this Highlight Video and see what Judging Day was like in 2018.

If you have any further queries – check out our FAQ Section

What’s different this year?

  • All finalists will need to become ISM members to progress to the awards night.
  • The judging panel will consist of members who have never judged before along with some former winners.
  • New categories will be announced, reflecting the needs of the current sales industry
  • If requested feedback will be provided to finalists who did not make Judging Day as well as those that did not win on the night

All 50 of our Judges have been confirmed. More on that later!

  • If technically feasible, on Judging Day all finalist entries will be filmed
  • A BESMA Sub-Committee will determine the finalists after nominations have closed. These finalists will be invited to Judging Day
  • Our Head Judge and Deputy Head Judge will be responsible for collating the judge’s results and confirming the winners.

No Controversy

‘Awards are awarded to sponsors – it’s a fix’

The ISM is aware of concerns that award ceremonies are pre-decided in some way. A fundamental feature of BESMA is the independence of the judges and transparency for all involved. Ethical selling and practices have always been in our blood and this rings true with our Judges of past and those that will represent us in the months to come. However, awards have a tendency of being perceived to award the trophies to sponsors or to the companies of those that are represented by a Judge. Allow us to be clear that that has never happened nor will it.

The Role of the ISM

  • The ISM and its staff will not influence the decision of the Head and Deputy Judges or the rest of the Judging Team.
  • ISM Staff will not choose finalists – these instead these will be sent to a BESMA Award Sub-Committee formed from ISM Members who will determine who gets through and who doesn’t against the criteria.

BESMA will be announced soon, I and everyone at the ISM wish you all the best of luck.

Oh and to those who make it to Judging Day – here are some tips on what it takes to win!

Good luck all.