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3 08, 2018

How to get into Pharma

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A common first role for graduates trying to get into the pharma industry is the Pharma Representative. Not so long ago this meant calling on the physicians in your area as often as possible to promote your medicines because physicians were the key decision makers. See the original post here

3 08, 2018

Professional courses

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Professional qualifications focus on improving your ability to succeed in a particular occupation, which is ideal if you have a clear career objective and want to gain valuable on-the-job experience through vocational training. Awarded by professional bodies within the relevant industry or sector, they often follow on from a degree or equivalent qualification, although this level of previous academic study isn't always required. See the original post here

18 04, 2018

Vehicle Salesperson

By |2018-04-18T05:59:05+00:00April 18th, 2018|Careers Advice, Planit|0 Comments

A vehicle salesperson sells new cars and buys and sells second hand cars, motorcycles and vans. As a vehicle salesperson you could start off earning between £12,000 and £20,000 a year. With experience it could rise to £35,000 to £50,000 a year. There is normally a basic salary and you can earn more through bonus schemes and commission on sales. A company car is normally included. See the original post here

26 03, 2018

Telesales Executive

By |2018-03-28T05:08:20+00:00March 26th, 2018|Careers Advice, National Careers Service|0 Comments

There are no set requirements. A good standard of general education is important but employers will also want you to have an outgoing and confident personality. Previous experience in customer service, sales or marketing will be helpful though not essential. The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) is the industry body offering qualifications to help you progress in your career. With experience, you could become a team leader, senior salesperson or sales [...]

26 03, 2018

Sales Executive

By |2018-03-28T05:03:32+00:00March 26th, 2018|Careers Advice, Prospects|0 Comments

If you're a confident communicator and enjoy the challenge of working toward targets, a career in sales may be perfect for you. Sales executives sell a company's products and services to individuals, businesses and government organisations. Sales may be domestic (within the UK), international, or a combination of both. As well as approaching potential customers with the aim of winning new business, sales executives strive to maintain good relationships with existing [...]

26 03, 2018

Professional Business Qualifications

By |2018-03-28T05:10:55+00:00March 26th, 2018|Careers Advice, University of Hertfordshire|0 Comments

If you are working within a specific field and want to deepen your knowledge of your sector, or if you are looking for a change of career, then a professional qualification is ideal. Professionally-accredited qualifications are an excellent way to boost your career and enable you to top up your existing skills and knowledge. Developed with working professionals in mind, our courses are delivered flexibly via evening classes, weekend workshops or [...]

26 03, 2018

Bid Writer

By |2018-03-28T05:05:29+00:00March 26th, 2018|Careers Advice, UCAS|0 Comments

Bid writers prepare documents to win contracts to provide services, or to apply for project funding. You may write for your own company, or work for a specialist organisation writing bids for other people. You could work for a wide range of industries and services, from construction to healthcare. You may bid for funding for a charity project or to provide money for university or medical research. You’ll prepare answers to [...]

26 03, 2018

Retail and sales

By |2018-03-28T05:10:17+00:00March 26th, 2018|Cardiff University, Careers Advice|0 Comments

This sector, crucial to the UK's economy, offers a diverse mix of opportunities in a range of areas. The retail sector is the UK’s largest private sector employer with 2.9 million employees. 66% of all retail employees work for the largest 75 retail companies. By the end of 2017, the UK will have 3.3 million retail employees, according to Retail Appointment. The retail industry is vital to the UK economy; in [...]

26 03, 2018

Buying and Selling

By |2018-03-28T05:06:45+00:00March 26th, 2018|Careers Advice, Newcastle University|0 Comments

Getting into buying and selling can be competitive. Work experience is invaluable in developing relevant skills and demonstrating your commitment to recruiters. Professional Bodies represent people working in the sector, providing training and networking opportunities. They often provide careers support for students and graduates. They also provide development for people already working in the sector. Follow associations on LinkedIn or visit their websites for news, contacts, work experience and vacancies. The [...]

26 03, 2018

Sales supervisor

By |2018-03-28T05:11:26+00:00March 26th, 2018|Careers Advice, National Careers Service|0 Comments

Previous experience in sales or marketing is usually essential. You’ll also need excellent communication and leadership skills. You could get into this job through an advanced apprenticeship in sales. The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) has information on industry qualifications, which could help you progress in this career. You’ll usually work up to 40 hours a week on shifts between 8am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday. You’ll be based in an [...]