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18 07, 2019

Coming soon… Winning Edge!

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Watch out for your next edition of Winning Edge, the ISM’s superb magazine for sales professionals – it will be with you in a matter of days. Cover story – Partners in Sales In this edition we are highlighting the ISM’s various collaborations and showcasing the many benefits of ISM Corporate Partnership. The centrepiece is a feature on Mercedes-Benz Vans, and its talent development programme for its sales professionals. [...]

28 06, 2019

‘Hang on lads, I’ve got a great idea…’​

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Quite possibly the greatest quotes in movie history and the exact thought I had a few days ago as the ISM prepares to deliver a Fellow Event in London. ISM Fellow Richard Higham(right) recently featured in Raconteur - (page 13 of the Sales Performance Report). Could he, at the last minute, be free to deliver a talk for us with two days notice and more importantly would the [...]

21 06, 2019

NSC 2019 – ISM Member Discount

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The ISM is once again partnering with the National Sales Conference to help bring extra value to our members. NSC’19 will host 1,000 sales leaders & sales professionals, featuring a unique line-up of speakers to transform your sales team. As an ISM member, you are entitled to a 20% discount Speakers include: Larry Winget - Known as the Pitbull of Personal Development, based in the USA John Amaechi OBE - Leading psychologist, high-performance coach, [...]

20 06, 2019

Sales Stories

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Ever wondered how those connections you have amassed on LinkedIn have achieved all they have? The ISM has reached out to sales professionals across the globe, from sales executives and consultants to business development managers and directors, from those associated with well-known global brands to those employed by start-ups, to ask them one simple question: What was the career path that led you into your sales role? Each blog details [...]

14 06, 2019

He made his way to London with directions scribbled on a piece of paper

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Once a year, every year, I head to the Caribbean. I purposefully leave my phone behind, my apple watch etc replacing them with my trusted Sony Walkman, a couple of tapes, a load of books (including an array of comics, mainly Tintin, Fat Freddy’s Cat and Asterix for those days when I can’t be arsed to read) and I set off. It’s actually a pretty awesome feeling to [...]

13 06, 2019

‘Say what you see … ‘

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4 words said by my all-time favourite host Roy Walker, as he presented the gameshow ‘Catch Phrase.’ Enjoyed by my mother and I as I raced home from school to catch him on the television while I tucked into whatever was for dinner that evening. The show then, as it is now, puts host and participant into a myriad of tricky situations, all the participants have to do ‘is [...]

4 06, 2019

Women in Sales Summit

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The ISM is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with Women in Sales Summit  as they prepare to host a conference in London at ExCel, June 27th This is the only event in the UK to bring together 350 salespeople from across industries to champion women in the discipline, develop tools and strategies to maximise sales success, and address obstacles which can hold women in sales back from [...]

30 05, 2019

Simon Kucher Pricing Forum 2019

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I hated Maths at school, all those numbers, triangles and something stupid called algebra. My maths teacher exuded about as much charm as a supermarket announcer rattling off their special offers about baked beans to an audience who neither cared nor wanted to listen and more importantly, just wanted to go home. And so, when Peter Colman suggested that I attend their Pricing Forum, I’ve got to be honest [...]

7 03, 2019

ISM Partners with Highspot

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The ISM is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Highspot as they prepare to host an event in London. Join the ISM and other sale enablement professionals at the Sales Enablement Soiree, a one-day event dedicated to all things sales enablement, taking place on 22 May 2019. Register here:

7 03, 2019

ISM Partners with Showpad

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The ISM is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with Showpad as they prepare to host an event in London at Sea Containers London, April 4, 2019 - 9:00 am Market leaders from the Sales Enablement Society, Deloitte, SuccessFlow Digital and more will share the latest insights on Sales Enablement. Exponea will also talk about their journey to creating a better buyer experience. Register here: [...]