18 10, 2019

The 21 Best Live Chat Software Tools of 2020

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The way we interact with people is changing, both in our personal and professional lives. When we send text messages to friends and emails to colleagues, we expect a quick reply. And whether we're instant messaging a co-worker or chatting with customer support on our favorite website, we often get a response instantly. Read more here:

18 10, 2019

8 Questions for Finding Business Pain Points

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Selling to people who can't or won't buy is a huge drain on your sales productivity, budget, and team. Top two-percenters need to spend time only with prospects who need your help, want your help, and are willing to work with you to solve their problems. Read more here:

18 10, 2019

How to Close a Sale: 7 Closing Techniques & Why They Work

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Closing is a make-or-break moment in sales. Choosing the right phrases to seal a sales deal is crucial. And this moment is likely the final verdict determining whether or not your efforts will amount to anything at all. Read more here: