18 10, 2019

The 21 Best Live Chat Software Tools of 2020

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The way we interact with people is changing, both in our personal and professional lives. When we send text messages to friends and emails to colleagues, we expect a quick reply. And whether we're instant messaging a co-worker or chatting with customer support on our favorite website, we often get a response instantly. Read more here:

18 10, 2019

8 Questions for Finding Business Pain Points

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Selling to people who can't or won't buy is a huge drain on your sales productivity, budget, and team. Top two-percenters need to spend time only with prospects who need your help, want your help, and are willing to work with you to solve their problems. Read more here:

18 10, 2019

8 Steps to Setting Smarter Sales Goals

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If your reps only have one goal -- meeting their quota -- they’re selling themselves short (literally). Hold your reps accountable to smaller weekly or monthly goals, and you’ll increase the likelihood they’ll meet their bigger number. Smaller goals let your reps build confidence with incremental wins. Read more here:

18 10, 2019

How to Close a Sale: 7 Closing Techniques & Why They Work

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Closing is a make-or-break moment in sales. Choosing the right phrases to seal a sales deal is crucial. And this moment is likely the final verdict determining whether or not your efforts will amount to anything at all. Read more here:

18 10, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Scripts (With Examples)

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Many salespeople believe they won’t sound good if they read from a sales script. While I agree you should never read from a script when selling, a sales script can greatly improve your results by preparing you with the best questions and lines to say and ask. Read more here:

18 10, 2019

How to Create a Sales Plan: Guide + Template

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Do you have a sales plan? Entrepreneurs, sales executives, and sales managers all benefit from writing sales plans -- whether for their business, department, or team. But, what is a sales plan exactly? Read more here: