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In his role as Head of Marketing, Adam has overall responsibility for the planning, creation and delivery of marketing strategies to support the ongoing development and growth of the ISM across all markets. He will use his passion for data & analytics to drive marketing strategy and social engagement.

BESMA 2021 All Change

Here’s an introduction into all you need to know about BESMA, how we delivered it in the past and what’s changed BESMA is an annual awards ceremony hosted by The Institute of Sales Management to recognise the sales profession, whether it be within our own membership or the wider world. Here's how the awards started last year, in front of just under 1,000 salespeople on three large screens in low light ... [...]

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Professional Sales Certification (PSC)

Developed by the ISM in conjunction with its partners and industry leaders, Professional Sales Certification (PSC) is a competencies-rich framework for cultivating and recognising a salesperson’s skills, enhancing CPD and helping to support and build a rewarding career path. The PSC process helps salespeople and their organisations identify and work towards individual development goals while drawing on ISM member benefits such webinars, video content, networking groups and wider knowledge resources. The ISM [...]

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Calling all Members

Are you hunting for your next sales role? If you are, the ISM stands ready to help, as it has done for the last 109 years.To help you in this quest we can:   •  promote you on our social platforms   •  offer you CV tips from your fellow members   •  put you in touch with any of our MentorsGet in touch with us today, we look forward to hearing from [...]

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Covid-19 Announcement

In light of the recent outbreak of Covid-19 we would like to assure you that the welfare and safety of our members and ISM team is of paramount importance to us. We are following Government advice and have issued guidelines to all colleagues to ensure that they take sensible, common sense precautions. We remain extremely vigilant, adhering to recommended best practice at the same time as operating a business as usual policy. Please [...]

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A morning thought …

... one day, I'll leave the ISM. But like those before me, and those that will surely come after, I am just a comma in a very long sentence that is the ISM Story. The ISM will continue long after I have gone, as it has for the last 109 years. All I can do is guide it to the best of my ability while I am here and leave it in a [...]

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The British Excellence in Sales Management Awards (BESMA) is an awards ceremony hosted by The Institute of Sales Management. The Awards seek to acknowledge the best salespeople and recognise the valuable contribution the sales profession makes to the UK economy and has been running for 15 years. Check out our Video and Photo Gallery and our Press Archive. However, the next BESMA will be different. Sales cycles usually last for 12 months, and so, in recognition [...]

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Work in Sales? Host an event in 2020 with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM)

ISM Regional Events have been created to ensure that all ISM members get more benefit and engagement from the ISM wherever they are. Their aim is to ensure that the ISM is providing an active forum for all our members from a diverse range of organisations, sales disciplines and sectors to network, exchange thoughts and to encourage the sharing of best practice with their peers locally by: Developing member knowledge Allowing our members [...]

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Work in Sales? Deliver a Webinar in 2020 with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM)

Since its launch in Q4 2017, we have attracted over 4,200 subscribers, delivered over 80 webinars and worked with over 100 presenters and their support teams. Our Webinars have provided our subscribers with a powerful medium of learning delivery across varied small and large learner groups. Easy to access as well as convenient, our webinars are an effective mode of learning for sales professionals who can fit in the short bursts [...]

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I am terrified of failure

I lead the marketing function for a sales membership body. Our members don't care about clicks, likes, shares, and while all that is great to have - every action generated must have a reaction. All our members care about is leads. All I care about is leads. With everyone I meet, I have always asked myself why has this person approached me and: how can I offer value how [...]

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‘You don’t build a company … build a family and Cognism have certainly done that' - this was a quote I penned a day after attending the Cognism event at the Science Museum in London., check out the video below. There are plenty of post-event blogs out there written by people who praise the organisation, the attendances, the speakers etc. but honestly, I don't have the time. Instead, I'll state this ... Cognism launched [...]

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