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Air® Marketing Group are an award winning outsourced sales agency helping businesses to grow revenue globally.

Trusted by the likes of Sales Confidence, Crowdcube, Cognism, Funding Circle and many more.

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Permission Based Selling – does it benefit a telemarketing campaign?

When I first started working at Air I found myself in a whole other world. I had landed a job in a fun, dynamic and rewarding start-up where we worked hard and reaped the returns. Air has a culture that we all want to be a part of and is a company that you truly want to contribute to. But when I started one thing did have me stumped – the method of permission based [...]

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What are the benefits of outsourcing your B2B full cycle sales?

Running a business is a constant learning curve. It will always involve a juggling act, as one plan lands another will inevitably be up in the air. Sometimes, it pays to admit that you can’t do it all and look towards outsourcing to help. Read More:

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What should you consider when outsourcing your sales and marketing activity?

For any business looking to raise brand awareness and encourage growth, a strong sales team will quickly become your best friend. But the world of sales is vastly different to what it was a couple of decades ago, the traditional hard sales tactic simply won’t work anymore. In order to reach and nurture your prospects through to close, you need to pair your sales with targeted marketing activity and offer a consultative, expert approach. So, [...]

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Top 10 tips for successful telemarketing

Dependant on your business and the goals you want to achieve, there are a number of things to consider when running a successful telemarketing campaign. We’ve complied our top 10 tips for successful telemarketing below, with links to our blog archive for more information. Read More:

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Leads, I hear you say?

It’s no surprise that when clients begin working with us, and throughout our partnership, their top concern is leads and building a strong pipeline. Even though leads are important, they are only worthwhile if they are of good quality. So, whilst businesses may want to generate leads as quickly as possible and build that pipeline over a short period of time, at Air our top priority is reminding prospects and clients that this takes time. [...]

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