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As the UK’s only exclusively postgraduate university, Cranfield’s world-class expertise, large-scale facilities and unrivalled industry partnerships is creating leaders in technology and management globally.

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Data Visualisation, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

CGI in films today pushes data visualisation to its limits, and many graphical presentation tools today allow even the most unskilled to develop “killer” presentations. But Friedman goes on to say “….. yet designers often fail to achieve a balance between form and function, creating gorgeous data visualisations which fail to serve their main purpose — to communicate information”. So in business, we’re not here to entertain (although there are exceptions!), but to use information [...]

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How to master the art of negotiation at Cranfield

We have to admit that Negotiation and Contract Management is the best module we have covered up until now on the MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management. The five four-hour sessions were intense but perfectly structured. In the beginning, we were quite skeptical about the negotiation part of the module. In the first lecture we thought to ourselves that what the professor explained was all common sense and we were not expecting to learn anything [...]

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Perspectives on performance – The nervous system

How we think about the performance measurement system in our own organisations affects the way we use it and the way we respond to it. In this blog I want to use the image of the body’s nervous system to think about performance. The intention is to help you think about performance measurement and management differently and I hope that will help you make changes to what you are doing. Future blogs will use different [...]

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Are we using old fashioned methods to measure performance?

Does it matter? Would you like to explore what new methods should look like? In his “Principles of Scientific Management” written in 1909, Frederick Taylor proposed the idea of standardising methods and enforcing their use. This led inevitably to the establishment of performance standards and of mechanisms for measuring them. Read More:

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Fast track to senior leadership – from Cranfield MBA to Amazon manager

I joined Amazon in September 2012 as a Pathways Area Manager in Germany. In 2013 I became Operations Manager, supporting different Amazon sites across the nation. During this tenure, I had the opportunity to redefine outbound flow management at Germany’s dedicated site for apparel and shoes. I achieved this through the improved processes I implemented, which were later adopted by all Amazon Fulfillment Centers throughout the country. Read More:

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Why I chose the MSc in Strategic Marketing at Cranfield

A year ago I was making the decision that changed my life: I decided to join Cranfield University for the MSc in Strategic Marketing. The photo on the left shows the first time I visited campus before making my final decision in March 2017. As I am almost half way through my degree completion, I would like to share with future marketers the reasons why I chose this university and what it has meant to [...]

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