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Mixed doubles: How successful job-sharing between men and women works

Whether in Bremen, Rastatt or Sindelfingen, Alexandra Bauer and Philipp Hartmann conduct a joint ritual every morning as they go to work. They talk to one another on the phone, review the previous day’s events, and tell one another what will be on the agenda today. Read More:

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How much code is inside a Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

In 2010 a Mercedes contained about 10 million lines of software. Today that figure is already far more than 150 million[1]. In the automobile sector, the software is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, the rapid development of smartphones has caused customer expectations to grow dramatically when it comes to the digital services inside vehicles. At the MBition unit, we’re dealing with exactly this issue so that in the future the best digital products [...]

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60 years of crash tests at Mercedes-Benz: A smashing success story

A pile of metal — at first glance, this is all that’s left over when our developers are done conducting a crash test. Despite this, they continue to drive our cars against walls again and again. What was a milestone in vehicle safety back in 1959 has become a standard procedure for the development experts. Much has happened since the first systematic crash tests were performed 60 years ago. Read on to find out more. [...]

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Sales Manager in the “Premium Class”

Anja Hagemann discovered her love for sales early on: An internship at Mercedes-Benz Hannover during her studies in business administration opened her eyes. Her career in the commercial vehicles industry and her career as a truck sales manager began in the year 2006. Actually hired as a junior Vans salesperson, she unexpectedly landed in Vans Materials Planning. Read More:

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