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Mail threats: a rare but serious problem

Suspicious items arriving in post rooms present a serious risk and any threats must be acted on immediately. Such items could pose an explosive or biological threat to employees. Fortunately, such occurrences are rare but if they happen, action must be swift and decisive to protect mail handlers and all building occupants from potential harm. In some instances, it is necessary to call in the police and, if the situation warrants it, bomb disposal experts [...]

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Bring automation into your invoicing

Companies that issue invoices rapidly stand to bring cash back into the business faster. However, many store-up invoices to send all in one go, often once a month. If invoicing processes were more efficient, they may not feel the need to set time aside in this way; instead they could bill for work as soon as it’s completed, reducing the time the business waits on payments. Read More:

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GDPR: changes, consequences and an ongoing commitment

Ahead of its introduction, the UK’s ICO significantly grew its staff in order to help enforce the new legislation – something it has delivered good on, levying two blockbuster fines against household brands. It’s also been reported that the number of whistleblower reports to the information commissioner over data breaches has jumped 175 per cent since GDPR was introduced, according to research by the law firm RPC. Read More:

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The three secrets to a better customer relationship

Strong customer relationships are underpinned by communication. Brands that interact appropriately, thoughtfully and usefully with their customers can expect a high level of retention and satisfaction. As easy and as simple as that sounds, companies with even a modest sized customer-base can risk irritating or alienating their customers if they lack the processes and technologies to carefully and finely manage customer communications. Here we look at three aspects that help companies build better relationships with their customers.   Read More:

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Create communication strategies that strengthen your customer relationships

Today, we receive brand communications in far more ways than we ever used to, while also having far more control over how and when we are contacted. In part, this is driven by increasing regulation – such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which applies to any company or organisation communicating with European citizens – but also it is simply down to providing good customer service and improving relationships with customers. Read More:

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