Prysm is one of the fastest-growing and most progressive exhibition organisers in the world. Based in the heart of Bristol’s city centre, we’ve spent the last 17 years running 30 of Europe’s leading B2B trade events across the UK.

Receiving significant investment to evolve year-on-year, our well-run and well-attended exhibitions range from The Business Show – which attracts 25,000 businesses – to sector specific events such as Legalex, The Flood Expo and The Farm Business Innovation.

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Could Personalised Video Revolutionise Sales?

You’re carrying out your sales activities. You’re chasing leads. You’ve hit a dip. Nothing is quite panning out as you try to secure you sales or revive old leads. What can you do to change that? Send emails or perhaps even a quick phone call? Read More:

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The Biggest Mistakes In B2B Sales

When it comes to the world of sales, working in B2B can be some of the most rewarding endeavours imaginable. You can close large deals, work on an international scale, and really come into your own for creating your sales identity. Read More:

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The Different Characters In Sales

When working in a busy sales office, the characters can often become lost among one another in a sea of conversations. You’ll have one person sat at their desk on the phone while frantically sifting through data on their computer, another making a call while bouncing a tennis ball down the hallway as they make a sales pitch, or someone nervously pacing up and down the office as they’re waiting for someone to get back [...]

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Effective Ways To Improve Your Sales Pitch

Many will always ask ‘what are the best sales techniques to use in order to complete a deal?’ Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple. Obviously sales are different each time, depending on the buyer, but what sales techniques can we attempt to apply to most of our sales pitches? Read More:

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How AI Can Improve Sales And Marketing

We are now in a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is the norm. You look around and everything on your computer is using AI to make your life easier. Whether it is to find you the best products and services suited to your interests, helping you to use the correct grammar and syntax when you write, to helping you find clothes that are similar to ones that you already own by simply uploading an image. [...]

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