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Will is a Sales Professional with four decades of international experience.

His training and coaching programs have been seen by 1000’s worldwide and he has personally coached business improvement strategies in corporations and businesses in more than 50 cities and countries across the globe.

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Interact – Engage – Influence

There is an old saying; “People Buy from People”. Old and nonetheless true – but what exactly does it mean? So-called ‘rapport’ building techniques are a prominent feature in most training courses and are promoted constantly by sales managers and the like, but is this getting to the heart of what is meant by the saying? Do people take advice from a consultant, or do business with a salesperson, because they like them, or is [...]

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You cannot be SERIOUS!!

I am guessing that most of us have heard that first impressions count, right? We know (or should know) that the first few seconds of any meeting impacts massively on any interaction – and will set a base on which the success of further interaction will rely. We will also know that we have just a few seconds to create the image we wish to portray and that in this few seconds only a limited [...]

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Client Values

I didn’t recognise it at the time, somewhere, somehow I had transited out of the condition of self-centered ‘salesman’. I had metamorphosed, developed greater awareness and thus, over time, a real understanding of ‘Client Values’ and the massive importance of client centric awareness. More importantly, I came to understand that Client Values are the core, the vital center of sales success. Read more here: https://willoffen.com/client-values/

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I have a confession to make – I have shed more than a few tears today!

It’s 16th March 2027, today is my 80th birthday and I have received so many wonderful messages I could not help but shed some tears of happiness. But I have another confession, I am worried about the next ten years, I have so much I want to do! I’m worried because I have ‘finished’ my project – the one that I started on this day in 2017 – and I simply can’t choose between several [...]

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Traditional Selling is Dead

A couple of years ago I undertook a major re-focus in my business. After many years of working direct with client companies, fixing broken teams and building new ones, I felt it was time to fully embrace the power of the internet and reach out to a wider audience.   I must confess, at the beginning of the change process, I began to feel I was going to need some kind of lobotomy to remove [...]

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5 Incredible Benefits of ‘it’ and Why We Don’t Get Them!

Some know about ‘it’. Some talk about ‘it’. Some even try to practice ‘it’, although in my experience, mostly without enthusiasm or expertise. ‘it’ is extremely instrumental in sales success and ‘it’ is not used to any effect by the vast majority of salespeople. So, what exactly is ‘it’? Well, it could be called a theory, a philosophy, a technique or even an attitude. Whatever we call it however, it’s a vital element of any [...]

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Traditional Selling is Dead!

A couple of years ago I undertook a major re-focus in my business to make more use of the internet to reach a wider audience and gain greater impact. I confess, at the beginning of the change process, I began to feel I was going to need some kind of lobotomy to remove the old fashioned and outmoded principles and processes that I have practiced for the past 40 odd years that clearly had no [...]

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