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Sales Thought Leadership

Academia Content shared by Professors across the globe on sales, ethics and best business practices. Why business ethics are under the spotlight The ethics of businesses and their top executives are under greater scrutiny than ever – and from many different directions. How well do they treat their staff and their customers? Do they take care to ensure their company meets its responsibilities on safeguarding the environment? Do they make a [...]

Balancing Risk and Reward

What should sales strategists be doing to make sure key account management is still working? Over-demanding purchasing managers, the costs of the key account infrastructure, excessive focus on too few customers – why do we still love key account management (KAM)? It may have marked the transition from product-based selling to customer orientation necessary in the economic circumstances of the 1990s, but is it still relevant, useful or profitable? Based on a chapter in the [...]


Gamification is more or less exactly what it sounds like: applying the structures and design methodologies of games to non-game frameworks. Your sales team is an ideal candidate for this process because, by cultivating the dynamic sense of competition and camaraderie that already exists between salespeople, the business will benefit from increased passion, productivity and profits. What’s more, gamification doesn’t have to be intricate, multi-layered or complicated. The best strategies simply get salespeople to associate [...]

Training Methods

Training methods have come a long way since the days of overhead projectors and acetates I would like to share with you some ways of delivering effective training for your telesales or sales teams. Importantly, these are methods that promise to carry on working once you are back in the workplace. My training sessions feel flat and dull, so how can I make them livelier and more fun? Great training sessions are more about the [...]

How to Stay Cool and Sell Under Pressure

Stressed sales professionals can raise their ‘Melting Point’ to succeed How busy are you? Take a moment to consider that question fully. I suspect you are very busy, and not simply with the pressures of a challenging sales role. I’m sure you are also trying to achieve satisfactory integration of your work and home life to maximise your own and your family’s happiness. I guess you’re putting in long hours, continually prioritising and reprioritising tasks [...]

5 five common errors Salespeople make

A significant issue facing companies of all shapes, sizes, and turnovers is that – in terms of revenue – a fraction of the salesforce ends up doing most of the heavy lifting. In fact, 67% of the average sales team will fail to meet their quota, while 8% will be responsible for 80% of the company’s sales. What makes that 8% so successful? It’s not that they’re born superstars and it can’t be ascribed to [...]

Putting Prospects on the Map

If you want to get to a destination in a direct and logical way, you need a map. Similarly, if you want to reach a revenue goal in your business, you need to map out your sales process. Creating a sales map helps you to look at different approaches, identify opportunities and interpret the prospect’s experience at each part of your sales process. You can then identify and address the problem areas where the process [...]

How can salespeople respond to the rise of the professional buyer?

Salespeople used to hold all the cards – they knew more about their product and service than the buyer. This allowed them to control the selling process and use well-honed selling skills to persuade, influence and close deals. Whatever market sector you are in when selling, no one can have escaped the fact that the buying process has changed. Salespeople have traditionally sold to “user-buyers” – those responsible for the day-to-day use or supervision of [...]

People still buy from people: The fundamental importance of building relationships when selling

I can still remember the salesman called Neil who sold me my first car. I was a nervous 18-year-old, and Neil spent a lot of time with me running through all of my available options. He took even more care explaining finance packages to me, at a time in my life when I cared more for chasing girls than worrying about the latest interest rates. Eventually, with Neil’s guidance, I chose a car and a [...]

Presentations – Check your Tech

There’s very little that undermines a sales presentation more than seeing the presenter struggle with their technology. Whether it’s reasonable or not, your prospects conflate your struggle to make your presentation work with you struggling to create your widgets or make your deliveries on time. Here are a few tips to make sure that things go to plan. I’m willing to bet you already know most of these, but don’t always remember to use them. [...]