Sales Stories

Ever wondered how those connections you have amassed on LinkedIn have achieved all they have?

The ISM has reached out to sales professionals across the globe, from sales executives and consultants to business development managers and directors, from those associated with well-known global brands to those employed by start-ups, to ask them one simple question:

Q. What was the career path that led you into your sales role?

Each blog details what they do, their roles and responsibilities and their story of how it all began, how they ended up at this point, the skills they picked up, the courses they went on, their mentors (if any), the challenges they have overcome – in essence, what attributed to who they are and where they are now. 

This is an active and live project – we have authors coming back to us all the time.

To those that have contributed already, thank you for taking the time to create and craft this illuminating content.

If you too would like to feature, my contact details are below.

Adam Brook 
Head of Marketing MCIM