If you have 10+ years sales experience, at Director or CEO then this is the grade for you. Fellowship is the highest grade available and they come from a wide range of sales backgrounds. You can also become a Fellow through the combination of work experience and the completion of a recognised Level 6 or 7 sales degree, we would ask for evidence of this during the application process.

Joining the ISM at this level will require you to give back to the community just as much as the benefits we offer

Reasons to Join


  • Attend BESMA at a member discount
  • Register your interest to become a Judge at our BESMA Awards

Learning & Development

  • Access to our suite of professional resources, webinars, videos, interviews, podcasts, articles and e-books
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to help you on your journey
  • Offer Mentoring to our membership 
  • Study professional and accredited qualifications approved by OFQUAL
  • Track your development through our ISM CPD system
  • Conference Archives Our resource library includes videos and digital audio recordings of keynotes, panels, and workshop sessions
  • Download & Offer Best Sales Practices 
  • Download & Offer White Papers
  • Offer Mentoring to all stages of our membership
  • Download & Offer weekly educational on sales tips and tricks 
  • Offer a less than 1 minute video on tips and tricks to help support our membership


  • A Post-Nominal that you can use on emails, social, business cards and proposals
  • One Pre and Post Solus Mailer to our audience following your participation in a webinar
  • Amplify a survey that you are promoting


  • Member Only Networking Events according to your grade
  • Attend Regional Industry Meetings (Virtual)
  • Collaborate with members within Special Interest Groups to share best practices and create ways to impact our industry positively.
  • Free and/or admission discounts to events that the ISM partners with throughout the year
  • Member Only Networking Events according to your grade
  • Connect with professionals in your market and across the globe through our member find member platform
  • Attend Live events such as conference, workshops and virtual learning
  • List yourself as an Interview Prepper for our Members
  • Host an event at your offices
  • Participate in our Committees
  • Register your interest to attend a private dinner

Professional Support

  • Free ISM Legal Advice Line
  • Ask-an-ISM Member if you need advice on pitching a business or service
  • Complimentary coaching call with an ISM Advisor – a game-changing conversation to impact your sales career
  • CV Writing Guidance and Interview Practice with one of our Members
  • Deliver a trial pitch to an ISM Member for instant feedback


  • Search, register and receive alerts on new jobs through ISM online job section
  • List yourself as a Interview Prepper
  • Feature a sales role within your organisation within our magazine and on social
  • List yourself as a Career Advisor

Thought Leadership

  • A quarterly digital magazine, bringing you the latest news and views from across the world of sales
  • Digital Quarterly Magazine available for download within the members area
  • Register your interest to deliver a live webinar to our global audience
  • Book Review by ISM COO - hosted on ISM Website in front of the most senior level audience in the industry
  • Submit Best Sales Practices for download
  • Submit White Papers for download
  • Resource Library archived webcasts, as well as research reports
  • Download Best Practice Sales Templates
  • Offer the ISM Sales Templates to support professional growth
  • Submit articles for publication in Magazine on the ISM blog, along with hundreds of articles to support your sales growth
  • Submit Pre Video Recorded Content to be placed on our website
  • Speak on a sales topic at an ISM event to raise your profile and credibility
  • Winning Edge Preface