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Your business is individual, and as such Rathbone Results has developed a unique and proven method to help you unlock your unique business potential and to drive profitable and sustainable growth. We take the most effective best-practice techniques of running a successful business and help you to apply them to your current situation.

19 Tips for improving your business cash flow

Poor management of cash flow is a common cause of companies forced into bankruptcy. Even businesses that report profits can experience problems. Many consume excess cash as a consequence of poor working capital management or aggressive accounting policies towards income recognition. Of course, if the business is making losses, that will drain cash and needs to be turned around, unless this is the consequence of a planned period of investment in a well-funded business or [...]

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Relationships, Trust and Teamwork: the Formula for Business Success

Good RELATIONSHIPS and TRUST are vital ingredients for building high performing TEAMWORK. And all three – relationships, trust and teamwork – are essential for building and sustaining success in business. So let me ask: why is management so often almost exclusively focused on sales, marketing, new technologies, pricing, customer service, operations efficiency and financial management? Read more here

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10 Tips for increasing sales from your customers

Your customers are the easiest, most profitable group to which you can market your business. They are your fastest source of additional revenue and profit. So when was the last time you made a concerted effort to sell more to them or even to contact them? They may well be frustrated that you don’t communicate with them frequently enough. Read more here

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Develop your Exit Strategy – 8 Drivers that Optimise Your Business Value

Especially with all the uncertainty of today’s political climate, how ‘saleable’ is your business? If you would like to have the choice of selling in the future, consider 8 key factors buyers have in their minds when purchasing a company. Also consider what actions you should be taking in the light of this in developing your exit strategy. Read more here

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7 steps to successful goal setting in 2019

The novelty of things like New Year’s resolutions can wear off just as soon as the New Year begins. Setting your goals is absolutely the right thing to do, but good intentions change nothing. Making these resolutions does not usually involve a tremendous amount of thought or planning. That is generally why they are often not realised. Read more here

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50% of salespeople fail to achieve their targets!

A Harvard business review article, published in July-August 1964 by David Mayer and Herbert Greenberg, stated that “A very high proportion of those engaged in selling cannot sell! Today fifty-three years later, business leaders continue to be faced with similar challenges, an expensive resource of sales professional who are underperforming. There is a constant discord between sales performance and the salesforce’s inability to deliver sales targets; this is a fundamental organisational challenge, research by [...]

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