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Autusbridge Consulting Limited is a Nigerian management consulting operating out of Lagos, the commercial capital of the country. Our consultancy services are focussed on sales and business development interventions to help new businesses penetrate markets and the existing ones stabilise and scale. We engage the instruments of research, training, advisory and technology to help businesses address their everyday problems that are militating against growth and profitability.

In our quest to provide best-in-class services in all our areas of interest, we are in partnership with a couple of other international organisations in Europe, America and Asia, to bridge the knowledge and technology gap that can help African business compete and become prosperous as other businesses in developed economies.

We provide customised and open training courses in the areas of sales, business management and other relevant soft skills. Our technology intervention includes the development and deployment of CRM and mobiles solutions for managing field sales force. We have acquired clients for these services across various sectors of the economy such as banking, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, IT and many other sectors.

Our training faculty and projects consultants are seasoned professionals who have acquired vast knowledge and experience in training and practice across the world.

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