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Putting sales at the heart of strategy

Putting sales at the heart of strategy Ascending with the pivotal importance of customer data, sales teams are increasingly calling the shots in the boardroom In the 1980s, finance was sexy. High-rolling City beasts like Peter de Savary and Tiny Rowland thrilled the public with galactic deals, stock market launches [...]

How to Sell a New Product By Talking About Value

Value is fleeting. This was a painful lesson for many people in the Netherlands in the 17th century. In the mid-1630s, people paid fortunes for ordinary tulip bulbs. The flower was, at the time, a rarity in the country, fetching the annual salary of an average ship worker. The New York [...]

How To Incorporate SMES Into A Team Selling Environment

In a time of war, which would you choose: a soldier or a mathematician? This question is not a riddle. It’s a reminder that sometimes complex problems require a different type of expert. This was the thinking behind the decision to form the Statistical Research Group during World War II. The group [...]

Earning A Salary Vs Commission-Only – Is It Ever Worth It?

Let's talk about earning a salary. What's a salary and the real reason behind companies paying you one. Is working on a commission-only basis ever worth it? What Is A Salary And Why Do Companies Pay One? A salary or wage is a remuneration paid by a company to an [...]

How to Achieve Quick Wins as a New Sales Leader

Quick wins cannot occur without a strategy. Fundamentally, a strategy answers three questions: Who is the sales force going to sell to? What are they going to sell to them? How are they going to sell them? Answers to these questions help define things like account segmentation, channel management, and [...]

How artificial intelligence will transform sales

Looking after today may not always take care of tomorrow’s business needs based on technological innovation and a data-literate workforce Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise the sales process, augmenting the essential human touch Of all corporate functions, sales by its very nature is surely the most people-focused. While it [...]

How to Keep Competitors Out of Your Best Clients

(This post originally appeared on Jill Konrath’s website and is republished here with permission.) When Todd called me, he was worried. His company was growing. Over the past few years, they'd steadily acquired their toughest competitors. They were now the dominant player in a fragmented market, setting the benchmark against which all other vendors are [...]

Build a better buyer experience: How to sell the way people want to buy

The expectations of B2B buyers are changing, in line with our experiences as consumers. We’re used to services like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify, which give us access to content and services whenever and wherever we want them, as well as a great customer experience. Today’s B2B buyers are also doing [...]

What it means to be a sales leader in 2018

The role of a sales leader continues to evolve as business demands grow at a near phenomenal rate. The demands and challenges are increasing in size, complexity and speed, greater cost management, more stringent governance and compliance obligations. There are faster business reaction times and more agility, there’s reacting to [...]

Driving sales with tech and data skills

Looking after today may not always take care of tomorrow’s business needs based on technological innovation and a data-literate workforce Successful digital-age organisations and business leaders adroitly hit a strategic sweet spot: they sustain a strong company performance in the present while having the agility to focus on long-term development [...]

Building A Sales Curriculum For Every Sales Professional

Sales leaders need the full range of a connected curriculum to access the skill set needed in today’s complex market In our latest brief, Building a Sales Curriculum for Every Sales Professional, we break down the specific skills each sales role needs to succeed. We look at: How to win more [...]

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