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How to Sell a New Product By Talking About Value

Value is fleeting. This was a painful lesson for many people in the Netherlands in the 17th century. In the mid-1630s, people paid fortunes for ordinary tulip bulbs. The flower was, at the time, a rarity in the country, fetching the annual salary of an average ship worker. The New York Times tells of one man who purchased a single Viceroy tulip by trading four oxen, 12 sheep, eight pigs, two tubs of butter, 100 pounds of [...]

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How To Incorporate SMES Into A Team Selling Environment

In a time of war, which would you choose: a soldier or a mathematician? This question is not a riddle. It’s a reminder that sometimes complex problems require a different type of expert. This was the thinking behind the decision to form the Statistical Research Group during World War II. The group attempted to solve wartime challenges using statistical skills. One member, Abraham Wald, set out to keep more bomber planes safe from enemy destruction. Before Wald’s [...]

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How to Achieve Quick Wins as a New Sales Leader

Quick wins cannot occur without a strategy. Fundamentally, a strategy answers three questions: Who is the sales force going to sell to? What are they going to sell to them? How are they going to sell them? Answers to these questions help define things like account segmentation, channel management, and value chain. Moreover, these questions help new sales leaders move beyond the practice of simply maintaining the status quo. This is important because the status [...]

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Building A Sales Curriculum For Every Sales Professional

Sales leaders need the full range of a connected curriculum to access the skill set needed in today’s complex market In our latest brief, Building a Sales Curriculum for Every Sales Professional, we break down the specific skills each sales role needs to succeed. We look at: How to win more sales by connecting the right capabilities to the right sales role The interconnected skills required to advance the sale in an increasingly competitive arena How [...]

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Drive Impact in 2018 by Understanding the Challenges That Lie Ahead

Richardson’s annual research study identifies the key selling challenges that sales professionals and sales leaders across industries will face in 2018. The research offers ground-level insights that will help sales professionals to overcome these challenges and proactively meet the needs of their customers and win more business. In the research, Richardson found that the top selling challenges anticipated in 2018 were: Creating a Targeted Prospecting Strategy Uncovering Complete Information Regarding the Customer Decision-making Process Gaining [...]

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