Showpad was founded in 2011 by Pieterjan (PJ) Bouten, Louis Jonckheere, and Peter Minne, who became close friends while working together at Netlog (the European version of Facebook before Facebook became available in Europe). After founding and growing In The Pocket, an agency focused on developing mobile apps, PJ, Louis, and Peter uncovered a large market need for organized mobile content distribution backed by credible tracking and analytics. With their expertise in building consumer-facing apps, they developed Showpad.

After more than doubling revenue every year for the past four years, Showpad has raised more than $120 million in funding to propel its explosive growth and to extend its position as an industry leader.

In 2017, Showpad opened its U.S. Headquarters in Chicago.

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Build a better buyer experience: How to sell the way people want to buy

The expectations of B2B buyers are changing, in line with our experiences as consumers. We’re used to services like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify, which give us access to content and services whenever and wherever we want them, as well as a great customer experience. Today’s B2B buyers are also doing extensive research on their own, with three quarters spending up to 20 hours researching before they even contact a vendor, according to a recent Showpad [...]

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