Once a year, every year, I head to the Caribbean. I purposefully leave my phone behind, my apple watch etc replacing them with my trusted Sony Walkman, a couple of tapes, a load of books (including an array of comics, mainly Tintin, Fat Freddy’s Cat and Asterix for those days when I can’t be arsed to read) and I set off.

It’s actually a pretty awesome feeling to arrive at a location with no tech on you – utterly disconnected from the world., no worries about charging your phone before you go to bed, checking notifications or uploading photos to social – it’s just you and Tintin. The naysayers reading this will no doubt suggest that I take an old phone (a Nokia or something) with me for emergencies, but I’ve made that mistake before and my mother’s geography is always off. She called me on the phone last year to inform me of a riot in Brazil when I was in St. Lucia so – no, since then, all phones are left at home, if you really need me send a pigeon with some ketchup strapped to its leg.

It was this exact story I was telling a fellow participant at Highspot’s event in Canary Wharf when he too stopped me mid-flow, to say that he was in Paris that very morning when his phone was stolen and the only way he got to London was by scribbling his directions of a piece of paper … from Paris to the room in the hotel where the event was taking place … don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below – ignore the wine…

A new friend was made, over wine, there was lots of laughter.

Our hosts that day, Highspot, are an organisation based out of Seattle, Washington. They approached me to help them promote their event in May – in advance of the Salesforce World Tour in London. Their company provides a platform that delivers a better buyer experience which wins more business by solving crucial needs for sales and marketing teams.

As it can be hard to find the information that matters most to consumers out of all the rapid-fire content at large trade shows, they decided to pull together thought leaders that live and breathe sales enablement to share their tips, tricks, and key learnings in a more intimate setting – and it proved to be incredibly popular. The main room couldn’t accommodate everybody who attended and more often than not, I joined the ranks of those standing at the side to hear what was being discussed!

It was also incredibly heart warming to see so many of our members in attendance and it felt fantastic to offer them the opportunity to network with sales professionals from across the globe. I hope they enjoyed it, if the social posts I spotted from that day were anything to go by, I’d say that that was a resounding yes!

The event also provided our members to shine, as ISM Fellow and BESMA 2019 Judge Steve Burton chaired a panel (and without any bias, he did a sterling job of it too!).

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