Perhaps you remember “Beauty and The Beast,” the Disney Classic, as a touching story about a beautiful girl who sees beyond physical appearance. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you remember The Beast as the most terrifying creature in Disney history.

Seriously—Watch the movie. The Beast is big, hairy, and has fang-like teeth that could rip my dog to shreds. No matter how many times those teacups sing “Be Our Guest,” The Beast’s horrendous temper shines through.

When I began working as a content writer, I equated most SEOs with The Beast. I figured they were so caught up in search results, Google, and rankings that they didn’t care about great, readable content. They didn’t care that I’d studied poetry in college, or that I could tell a great story with my words. They were willing to sacrifice my artistic expression in order to cram “cloud computing for business” 11 times in one 200-word article.  How dare them!

Sure, the SEO specialists weren’t quite as physically grotesque as The Beast, but I wasn’t excited about working with them.

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