I lead the marketing function for a sales membership body.

Our members don’t care about clicks, likes, shares, and while all that is great to have – every action generated must have a reaction.

  • All our members care about is leads.
  • All I care about is leads.
  • With everyone I meet, I have always asked myself why has this person approached me and:
    • how can I offer value
    • how can I ensure they come back
    • what would make this a win for them

    Well, this year I generated 6 figures in new revenue, by creating new services, products and value.

    But …

    • Can I do it again next year?
    • Can I go even further than before?

    To help me in this quest, I have at my disposal, the biggest, baddest and most awesome sales professionals on the planet.

    Oh, and a kick-ass mentor.

    Here’s to 2020.