Back in March we were lucky enough to take a trip over to Texas for SXSW, where we caught some talks by seriously inspirational speakers. One of them was Ray Kurzweil. He’s a Director of Engineering at Google, creator of a bunch of cool innovations and a startlingly accurate futurist, with a 30 year track record of dead-on predictions about the future of humanity. He is convinced that in just 11 years time machines will be able to pass a valid Turing Test and that the technological singularity, the point in time at which advances in AI lead to machines smarter than human beings, will occur by 2045. His whole talk (still available to watch on SXSW’s Youtube channel) is well worth a listen. And if it makes you start feeling twitchy about the robots coming for your job, we suggest you follow it up with a quick read of our ‘when will AI replace us all’ article to calm your nerves.


Authored and contributed by: Huddle London