Yesterday, the ISM partnered with Invest South Tyneside on our North East Regional event. The event proved to be a huge success as attendees from a range of different businesses across the region came to share ideas and network with one another over breakfast.

The topic of the event was ‘The Future of Technology in Selling’ which took place in the form of a panel discussion. ISM North East Chair and Champion Nevil Tynemouth hosted the discussion and the panel included industry experts Kate Baucherel, Digital Strategist, Ian Farrar, Business Coach of Far North Sales & Marketing Consultancy, Richard Tubb, IT Business Growth Expert, and Tim Jackson, Arena Group.

The main topics that were discussed included the biggest tips for technology that salespeople should know, what is the most exciting and challenging thing about technology right now, does technology enhance selling or does it hinder it, how to embrace CRM systems, and social media best practice.

As the panellists all came from different backgrounds, there were some diverse and provocative perspectives discussed. This was a very engaging session with the audience asking some interesting questions around social media, security and discrimination within the sector. Closing thoughts from the panel were thought provoking and the main themes included ‘The rules of selling haven’t changed, technology enables us to be more efficient and be quicker’ and ‘be aware of technology coming and how it can improve your life, but don’t let it take over’.

After the panel discussion finished, attendees stayed on to continue conversations with each other and share their thoughts on the topics debated. This was a highly interactive event which was truly inspiring. A huge thanks to all our panellists, and to Jennifer at Invest South Tyneside, New Results, and Just Williams Ltd for organising such a fantastic event.

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We would also like to hear from you – what do you want from our regional groups, what format would work for you best, and what topics you would like to see covered?