Last week was the launch of the ISM North regional events. We were delighted to be joined by Tony Hughes, CEO of Huthwaite International who opened the event talking about the importance of value, how things have changed at the customer interface and why it’s more important than ever to be clear about what value the client is looking for. Dr Simon Kelly and Dr Paul Johnston of Sheffield Business School then delivered a very interactive workshop on ‘Six Steps to Developing MUSICAL Value Propositions that Sell’.  This was split into two sessions as the first one explored ‘what value is your customer looking for vs. what value do you talk to him about’, establishing the different types of value, and the attributes of these values. It also looked at the importance of ‘reading’ value in order to strategically position your business to it. The second session focused on ‘How to create a MUSICAL Value proposition that sells’. This part explored putting a value proposition together, through understanding what exactly value proposition is and why it is so important. It included examining the different types of value propositions and what is most important to each decision maker involved in the buying process.

Overall, it was a very in depth and insightful session delivered by Simon and Paul which really got all the attendees thinking about how they currently offer propositions to their customers and how can tailor this to make these more effective. Tony concluded the workshop by giving Huthwaite’s perspective on the importance of a quantifiable value proposition.

Thank you to Dr Simon Kelly, Dr Paul Johnston and Tony Hughes for speaking at the event. Thank you also to Sheffield Hallam University who hosted us for the evening.

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