Research has shown that sales was the largest sector to experience the most amount of work-related stress (Perkbox 2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey). This is due to several factors including working long hours to close a deal or working to ensure a high level of customer/client satisfaction. Stressful situations within sales can even be accepted as ‘Part of the Job’. Feeling a rush of adrenaline and endorphins when a major deal is closed provides a temporary feeling of elation and drives the salesperson on to close the next deal. Whilst some stress is good it can also have a negative impact on a personal level when it is not managed correctly.

In 2018 the ISM commissioned our first Stress in Sales survey which has given us insight into how our members experience stress within their organisations and uncover the main causes of stress related mental health issues.

The findings of this initial survey can be downloaded in the report here.

The data captured is informing the development of bespoke content to both help ISM members identify stress related mental health issues and further advise on effective techniques to help overcome the symptoms. This will be designed and delivered in partnership with two leading Mental Health professionals, Dr Zoe Douglas Judson, Mindologists, and Astrid Ennis, Starr Works


Dr Zoë Douglas-Judson, Founder and CEO of mental health consultancy Mindologists.

Zoë is a Doctor in strategic change and performance, a consultant, practitioner, motivational speaker and coach. She has over 20 years’ experience delivering customized strategic change solutions to positively impact mental health, culture and performance.

Mindologists are specialists in people thinking, behaviour and mindset transformation. We deliver on the whole mental health spectrum, from shifting severe negative mindsets in our private practises, to enabling and developing high-performing behaviours, individually and in teams, through our outsourced support service.

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Mindologists provide free one day mental health training for supporters of sufferers, to help them grow awareness and understanding of how the mind works and why it sometimes suffers as it does. The course is participant lead, very interactive and based on real life examples to help supporters get to grips, build confidence and competency to deal with those suffering with mental ill-health.

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Astrid Ennis, ISM Fellow, Founder of Astrid Ennis Therapy

After spending 20 years in Sales, Management and Learning & Development in fast-paced large organisations, Astrid’s purpose is to inspire and enable people to achieve personal growth and success by empowering them to think differently and live the best versions of their lives.

She brings her consultancy skills, coaching, mental wellbeing and learning and development expertise together in her role as a people development consultant. Combining her sales & business operational background with her coaching & therapy expertise she adds significant business and personal value.

Dr Paul Litchfield CBE, OStJ, FRCP, FFOM - Chair of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing

Paul Litchfield is Chair of the UK’s What Works Centre for Wellbeing which is dedicated to understanding what can be done to improve wellbeing across society.  He has practised occupational medicine for 40 years in both the public and private sectors and from 2001 until 2018 he was Chief Medical Officer for BT Group, with global responsibility for health, safety and wellbeing.  He has led multiple initiatives in the UK and overseas to promote good mental health in the workplace and he was an inaugural member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council.

In 2007 Paul was awarded the OBE for services to occupational health and in 2018 he was created a CBE for services to workplace wellbeing.

Further Support

If you are currently experiencing high levels of stress and feeling distressed, please consult your GP or gain support from one of the following organisations:

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