The ISM is proud to announce BRE Group as an important new corporate partner.

BRE is the world’s leading building science centre, providing the training, publications, advice, and digital tools that enable construction professionals to work smarter. Miles Watkins, Group Business Development Director at BRE, is responsible for formulating commercial strategies that will further strengthen its presence in the UK and in its core overseas markets.

He explains, “Our mission is to build a better world together through our customers using more of our products and services, which are all designed to create environmental and societal benefits. To make that happen, we’re on a drive to become much more responsive to our customers.”

Watkins continues, “Historically, we’ve been very good at developing our technical professionals such as engineers and physicists, helping them build their careers alongside their professional bodies – and now we’re keen to do the same with our commercial specialists.”

The collaboration with the ISM, the UK’s leading professional body for salespeople, will ensure recognition of the company’s salespeople – internally as well as externally – and facilitate ongoing professional development, enhancing their approach to working with customers.

BRE’s sales team will be able to tap into a host of ISM member benefits, including sales resources, knowledge sharing,

training and networking opportunities outside their own industry. “We’re looking to create a structured development programme, starting with individual sales skills assessment and perhaps leading to ISM-accredited qualifications,” says Watkins.

Feedback gained from an initial assessment, benchmarked against sales professionals globally, enables salespeople to identify their strengths and areas for development, supported by a wealth of learning resources accessed through the ISM’s learning management system.                      

Dave Millichap, Corporate Accounts Director for the ISM, adds, “We’re delighted to be supporting BRE in developing its sales team. Engaging with ISM networks, learning resources and reflective learning journeys helps to build a culture of continuous improvement as professional and ethical salespeople, which can only have a positive impact on the already high standards of service given to customers.

BRE’s Watkins concludes, “We see ISM corporate partnership as a ‘win win’, helping our salespeople, creating happier customers, and boosting our performance.

ISM’s collaboration with BRE is the latest in a string of new corporate memberships, with other big name recruits including communications giant Virgin Media Business, vehicle emissions fluid specialist Yara UK, and two powerful players in the construction industry, Aggregate Industries and Redrow.

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