ISM Welcomes Challenger as New Partner

Challenger is an elite global training provider, whose solutions help clients transform their commercial function and customer relationships to drive profitable growth are delighted to announce corporate membership with The Institute of Sales Management (ISM), a not-for-profit organisation representing sales professionals in the UK and internationally.

“In a world where 38% of major purchase efforts end in ‘no deal’, companies find that they badly need to do something different to maintain growth. So, they turn to sales training, hoping to help their sellers stand out and engage customers earlier and more effectively. Challenger has worked with some of the world’s most impressive companies over the better part of a decade and learned a thing or two about driving predictable revenue and sustainable growth in complex selling environments along the way. Lesson #1 is that while sales training itself can be highly effective, sales training by itself may not be enough to drive the impact sales leaders need today. For that, Challenger aims to take the mystery out of commercial transformation. The companies that get transformation right and see consistent, sustainable growth, plan and execute around a foundation supported by six pillars.” – Spencer Wixom, VP of Marketing at Challenger.

“For many salespeople, Mathew Dixon and Brent Adamson’s book “The Challenger Sale” has been an inspiration. Rather like SPIN selling before it, the notion of being a Challenger has put into question the validity of traditional sales methods and even questioned such notions as relationship selling. Perhaps the greatest strength of the Challenger model is the fact that it is based not on the broad ideas of a individual, but a vast amount of formal research into the work of real salespeople.  Accordingly, the ISM is particularly delighted to partner with Challenger Inc. Their insight will be of tremendous value to our membership.” – Roger Bradburn, ISM.

Challenger and The ISM are looking forward to working together into 2020 and beyond – continuing to inspire sales professionals across the UK.

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