New formula for boosting sales

The ISM is proud to announce an important new corporate partnership with Yara UK, the leading vehicle emission fluid business.

Yara UK is best known for AdBlue, a fluid that can be added to diesel engine exhaust systems to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions, with its key market among major road transport fleets.

Paul Norman, Yara’s UK & Ireland Manager – Transport & Industry Reagents, a longstanding individual member of the ISM and now a Fellow, explains the rationale for corporate partnership: “Let’s be honest, sales hasn’t always had the greatest reputation, and the ISM provides credibility to the profession,” he says.

Norman, who gained a Master’s degree in Sales Management at the University of Portsmouth as a mature student, is committed to learning and to an ethical approach to sales. “The ISM is a key part of making my sales team as knowledgeable and professional as possible,” he says.

As ISM members under the partnership agreement, Yara UK’s sales team is able to tap into a host of ISM member benefits, including sales resources, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. “Over the last 10 years, as an individual member, I’ve personally found the support of the ISM to be invaluable, not least in enabling me to share experiences with, and make contacts in, other industries, which can be a fresh source of ideas and inspiration,” continues Norman. “I want my team to enjoy those opportunities too. I’m sure it will be beneficial to our business – and will also help them in their sales careers.

Yara UK’s salespeople have the potential to access the ISM Professional Sales Certification pathway, offering recognition of their existing skills and providing a structure for ongoing professional development, enhancing their professional and ethical approach to working with customers.

Dave Millichap, Corporate Account Director at the ISM, comments, “We’re delighted to be supporting Yara UK in developing its sales teams. Engaging with ISM networks, learning resources and reflective learning journeys helps to build a culture of continuous improvement as professional and ethical salespeople, which can only have a positive impact on the already high standards of service given to customers.

ISM’s collaboration with Yara UK is the latest in a string of new corporate memberships, with other big name recruits including communications giant Virgin Media Business, world renowned engineering leaders Rolls- Royce and three powerful players in the construction industry: Aggregate Industries, BRE Group and Redrow.