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By joining the ISM, you will instantly become part of the largest sales lead body in the world, dedicated to the sales profession and to those working within it – you.

Registering with the ISM will demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to development and provide you with career-enhancing support, as well as a range of benefits that are befitting such a prestigious organisation and its esteemed members.

  • Access to our suite of professional resources through our dedicated LMS, webinars, videos, interviews, podcasts, articles and e-books
  • Develop your skills with a view to becoming an ISM Fellow
  • Free and comprehensive legal advice
  • Post-Nominals which you can use on emails, social, business cards and customer proposals
  • Discounts off attending ISM and Partner events
  • Feature a sales role within your organisation within our magazine and on social
  • Promote Job offers to our audience
  • Recommend your services, products or tools for a discount to our members
  • Sponsor an event to achieve business goals or increasing your brand awareness
  • Study professional and accredited qualifications approved by OFQUAL
  • Track your development through our ISM CPD system
  • Work experience placement with one of our partners
  • CV Writing Guidance and Interview Practice with one of our Partners
  • Quarterly Magazine, bringing you the latest news and views from across the world of sales
  • Offer the opportunity for you to deliver talks to our members nationwide at various events
  • Opportunity to become a mentor and share your knowledge

All applicants will be required to send us an up to date CV which will be vetted by our Membership Committee to confirm the membership grade .Process takes up to 6 weeks.

Next Steps

Did you know that The ISM sits on HM Revenue and customs’ list of Professional Bodies whose membership fees are eligible for tax relief.

1. Choose a membership level

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2. Click on the relevant button

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3. Fill in the form

Pay via online secure payment gateway

4. Receive approval and access to the ISM

ISM Membership Team will contact you with your access details

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£99 Per Annum

If you are a full-time student, over the age of 16+, an apprentice, at university or seeking your first sales role you are eligible free membership. In providing free membership the ISM aims to provide you with an opportunity to enhance your current and future career prospects. We hope you will take this chance to gain invaluable life skills as well as sales related training. 

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£150 Per Annum

If you have less than 3 years’ sales experience, then this is the grade for you. This level of membership is available to all sales professionals who are currently working in the industry and have experience of working within a sales environment. Being a Professional recognises individuals who have embarked on a professional qualification. 

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£175 Per Annum

If you have 6 years’ sales experience at pre-managerial level, then this is the grade for you. Being an Executive recognises individuals who have developed a good level of knowledge and understanding around sales. 

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£200 Per Annum

If you have 10 years sales experience, at managerial level then this is the grade for you. This level of membership is typically available to sales professionals who are currently working in the sales industry and have managerial experience. Being a Leader recognises individuals who have demonstrated substantial leadership skills. 

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£250 Per Annum

If you have 15+ years sales experience, at Director or CEO then this is the grade for you. Fellowship is the highest grade available and they come from a wide range of sales backgrounds. You can also become a Fellow through the combination of work experience and the completion of a recognised Level 6 or 7 sales degree, we would ask for evidence of this as well during the application process.

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Champion Grades are awarded at no cost on an individual basis by the ISM for a period of one year which is then reviewed. These individuals are required to go to local Colleges, Jobcentres and Universities to talk to students about sales and how the ISM can help. 

ISM Corporate Membership

ISM corporate membership has been in existence for the last 30 years. Aimed at organisations that have a growing salesforce. Group membership allows an organisation to manage and pay for individuals’ occurrence-based membership. Our group membership scheme is designed to help you recognise, reward and support the professional development of your staff – building strong and effective teams. As a group member, you can put forward team members for individual membership, which helps to foster a culture of professionalism.

We have developed a world-leading framework to develop your people against the Professional Standards, which map out the competencies required by your teams at every level. As a group member, you gain access to a variety of benefits, so you can create a better business.

Why should you join us?

  • Team development: You can use our Professional Development Framework to assess your employees’ competencies, the results of which you can then use various development tools to further develop your team with our qualifications. The framework is flexible and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.
  • Retention and recruitment: Individual membership works as an employee benefit. The scheme will assist your organisation to foster an environment of support and development, helping to retain staff and drive recruitment. Employees on the scheme will have full access to our range of member benefits.
  • Knowledge and resource: As individual members, your employees will receive unlimited access to our library of resources, as well as exclusive insights and networking and development opportunities.
  • Improved corporate profile: As a group member, your organisation clearly demonstrates a commitment to excellence, support and development of its staff and the delivery of best practice.

Have a question before joining? Fill in the box below and the team will get back to you: