Work with The Institute of Sales Management

We  currently offer two types of partnerships: 

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships with the ISM run yearly with an option to renew and provides unique engagement, learning and networking opportunities. Join us and boost your sales performance.

  • Access OFQUAL-approved sales qualifications
  • Achieve company-based Professional Sales Certification for your sales teams
  • Align your organisation with the ISM’s code of conduct of conduct, Download it here.
  • Benefit from a sales skills audit – to identify key areas for salesforce development
  • Dedicated your organisation to sales methods that are professional and ethical
  • Position your organisation as an ISM Partner with the use of our logo under license
  • Reinforce your organisation’s professional status, enhancing conversations and proposals
  • Strengthen existing recruitment and retention strategies
  • Support your sales staff with a continuous professional development (CPD) plan

Marketing Partnerships

Marketing Partnerships with the ISM run yearly with an option to renew and provides unique opportunities to allow organisations to promote their services, an event, team or products to our audience. We also limit the number of partnerships we take on per year for the simple reason to as not overload our audience with too many products and services at one time as we feel it would be unethical of us to provide the required value to ensure a successful partnership. 

Over the course of the last 18 months we have worked with Highspot, National Sales Conference, Zoho and Showpad on similar projects that revolved around event promotion and product launches to great effect. No more was this showcased than with an event we partnered with to help Showpad promote their product launch event on the South Bank in early 2019, with 8 weeks’ notice, we managed to fill the room and our now Sales Membership and Marketing Director participated in this promo video.

What support can you expect to receive?

  • A kick off call/or meeting with you and your marketing teams to plug in all the projects for the year ahead
  • Quarterly calls throughout the year to discuss projects completed and those that are upcoming
  • Access to your own dedicated project planning tool that we will use to ensure no projects are missed
  • Sniper personalised introductions to our member base as and when required to kick-start conversations

In addition to the above, your organiation will also receive your very own partner page, which we will create for you, hosted on our website. By having a dedicated page your message won’t get diluted across everything else we are doing and traffic will be directed to it via all the activity we will be carrying out for you.

This will detail in summary (from top to bottom):

  • Introduction message from CEO 
  • Lead generation box, name email etc. 
  • Your activity calendar with us, from Jan to December
  • Blogs / Content 
  • Key contacts at organisation

Find out more

If you are interested in enhancing your brand’s credibility, while developing and recognising your salesforce the ISM can help! 

For more information, contact ISM Sales Membership Marketing Director at 


Here’s a selection of organisations we have worked with over the last few years

‘The ISM has been an invaluable partner in promoting Showpad event through their online platform and via email campaign to their member base resulting in record number of attendees at our event in April 2019. I would recommend using their support to drive high-quality registrations for webinar and owned events.’

Miisa Bergus, Marketing Program Manager, Showpad

Our Reach and Influence

‘The Women in Sales Summit is proud to have partnered with ISM. With the help of their organisation and their members, we helped women in the industry broaden their mind and network through inspiring discussions led by the UK's top salespeople. It's time to drive forward the sector and change the face of sales!’

Daisy Bernard, Event Manager, Women in Sales Summit

They are an excellent institute to be part of for those looking to stay ahead of the curve, sell ethically, put the customer at the heart & achieve successful result. Through seminars & excellent blogs you will learn so much & I recommend all professionals & businesses to be part of the ISM.

Matt Brodie, Sales Manager, Yell

For information on how a partnership could benefit you or organisation contact
Adam Benjamin Brook FCIM LISM, Sales & Marketing Director