How to Deliver Winning Proposals and Sales Pitches

Thursday 4th April

6.00pm - 8.30pm


The Event

How to Deliver Winning Proposals and Sales Pitches

Join senior sales professionals at the next ISM London regional event.

In this dynamic event,Andrew Diaper, Vice President of Capgemini and Graham Ablett, Board Director of Strategic Proposals will provide insights and tips on how teams work together to win more business without waiting for the RFP to land! This session invites sales leaders to learn top tips for building and energising winning sales teams and will also explore how sales and proposal teams work together to deliver winning proactive proposals and sales pitches.

Recent research from Strategic Proposals shows that over 75% of buyers see proposals as the most important factor in their evaluation process. Although every sales team and client situation are different, there are specific approaches and techniques you can follow to ensure you have a winning team delivering highly engaging campaigns, including compelling proactive proposals and pitches.


Andrew Diaper, Vice President Capgemini


With more than 25 years of industry experience and a reputation for making things happen, Andrew Diaper is regarded as one the most successful new business builders in the Consulting and Technology industry.

With an ‘A’ list of client successes and contract wins to his credit, Andrew has driven multi-million-pound revenues, across a range of disciplines from IT infrastructure through to major M&A deals, with many of the major banks and financial institutions.

Andrew started his career as an electronic engineer and motherboard designer for Acorn Computers. It was when he was at Arm, that Herman Hauser persuaded him to ‘take a bigger challenge’.

Fast forward 28 years and in his seventh year at Capgemini, Andrew has become Vice President of Banking and a member of the UK leadership team. Andrew and his teams of experts are driving Capgemini’s growth and strategic partnerships through innovative solutions and global delivery models that provide mutual benefit to the Capgemini Group and our partners.

‘I wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see, and I lead from the front, my past failures are what make my future successes’.

Graham Ablett, Board Director Strategic Proposals


As a Director of the business and with more than twenty years’ experience in bidding, Graham helps people and organisations to win new and retain business in a number of ways including: supporting specific deals, enabling sales, building proposal capabilities and training. He has done this across a wide range of industries including IT, construction, professional services, travel, logistics, oil and gas, insurance, roadside services, catering, healthcare, facilities management, real estate, office supplies, telecommunications and defence.

Graham holds the highest level of proposal certification – Professional.


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