The ISM has been proactively building its global networks, most recently in Malaysia, where we were delighted to be able to strengthen our links

Members have been talking to us for some time now about the desire to be part of a Sales Professional Body with a truly global reach. Although the ISM is UK based, we do already have an established global presence and reach but our ambition to continue to develop and increase that presence was once again signalled with our recent trip to Malaysia.

In April, as part of the ISM’s ongoing strategy for continued growth and following a request for us to visit the region the ISM led a five-day delegation to Malaysia. The purpose of this trip was to develop and create new partnerships and cement our commitments and collaboration with our already established partners. Partners such as the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), the central organisation of private sector employers in Malaysia who are made up of approximately 10,000-member organizations. Our visit also allowed us to progress other partnerships with the likes of the Malaysian Marketing Institute.

The ISM’s COO Roger Bradburn and Corporate Director Tom Moverley were present to represent us on the non-stop visit. They were accompanied by international sales trainer, motivational expert and ISM Fellow Andy Preston, and joining the delegation was Ambrish Bansal a market leader and industry expert on the application of Blockchain in CRM systems. Something that we are sure you have heard a lot about. Wanting to ensure that we showed the UK sales industry in the best possible light during our discussions and presentations we were delighted and extremely grateful that business and product creation expert and ISM Fellow, Peter Thomson – who received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the ISM at last year’s BESMA’s – was also able to contribute to the delegation via web link. As always, our member involvement and support is critical and Ambrish, Peter and Andy delighted our delegates by offering varied and insightful talks to all the delegates that we met.

The trip itself involved many productive meetings but at the heart of the trip were three one-day conferences. The first, held in conjunction with Sabah Skills and Technology Centre, took place at Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, a Malaysian-governed province in the north of the large island of Borneo. The Sabah Skills and Technology Centre is a major education provider in the region and will now be offering the ISM’s OFQUAL recognized qualifications.

The second conference was held in conjunction with the Malaysian Employers Federation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s beautiful and vibrant capital city. The Malaysian Employers Federation represents around 10,000 companies in the country and offers an impressive range of training and development courses. We are delighted to be able to support the MEF in endorsing the sales training that they are offering to their partners and furthermore enabling those partners access to the ISM OFQUAL Qualifications from levels 2-6. I’m sure you’ll agree that it is brilliant to see other countries around the world so keen to take up and implement UK qualifications. We would like to thank Dr. Michael Chiam, Director in Charge of the MEF, for his support in hosting the conference.

The third, also in Kuala Lumpur, was held in conjunction with the IMEC Education Group and the University of Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) Learning Centre. IMEC and UNIMAS are two major education providers in the region that will also be working with the ISM to offer qualifications and membership to its students. We were lucky enough to be hosted by Prof Dr. Selvaraj Oyvan or ‘Prof’ who’s commitment to supporting the development of Malaysian businesses, strengthening their UK links and supporting the ISM is not only greatly appreciated but quite remarkable!

In total more than 130 companies from Malaysia and other South-East Asian nations were represented at these ISM events, which covered leading edge sales thinking, sales education, sales professionalism and of course ISM membership.

This trip, the first real one of its kind for the ISM was an overwhelming success for the Institute and indeed the UK sales industry. There is no doubt that the UK Sales industry has huge respect around the globe and it is our job, amongst others, to continue to support and promote the UK sales industry internationally. We are working on membership and corporate partnership initiatives to bring our international members and partners closer together.

This will not be the last time we visit Malaysia and it will not be the last time we run a delegation of this type as we look to continue to build upon the great work of recent months and provide the Sales industry with the Professional Body that it deserves.