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Bidbetter specialises in helping businesses, both large and small, bid for public sector tenders. They simplify the bidding process, using a tailored approach and doing whatever it takes to ensure that the contract is won. With 100% success rate with winning CCS and ESPO framework agreements, they know exactly how public sector bids are marked and scored. Their expertise lies in the fact that Managing Director, Phil Norman, used to work in Government and the NHS, leading largescale tenders and scoring and evaluating them.

They always advise businesses to take the ‘Research, Engage, Influence and then Bid’ four-step approach to public sector bidding. Think twice about completing a tender document if you don’t know the buyer and the buyer doesn’t know you! Their free e-book explains and outlines this approach and can be downloaded here as a starter for anyone who is thinking about public sector bidding.

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Why is selling to the public sector a good option for SMEs?

Here are 10 good reasons why, as an SME, you should consider selling to the public sector. It’s worthwhile putting in a bit of time and effort and once you’ve started winning, you won’t look back: There are sustainable, proportionately-sized contracts up for grabs. No matter what the political climate, the public sector offers stability: your contract will continue and you will get paid (assuming you continue to deliver the contract terms and conditions). The [...]

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