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Selling lessons from the saddle.

On the 8th September 2018 I sat on the start line for a totally awesome, yet challenging, adventure. Riding the length of the UK from Lands’ End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland. I was with another 700 people, ready to cover 980 miles, a lot of hills (like [...]

Is coaching the right tool to use?

How do you know if coaching is the right tool to use? One of the things we’ve been talking about recently is the distinction between ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’.  But there are other development tools to throw into the mix, isn’t there?  I’m thinking facilitation and training and there are others. [...]

Sales series part 3: Translating customer-centric strategies into success

  The ultimate goal of every company is to stay attractive to its customers and maximize their lifetime value, but developments in the digital age make it increasingly difficult to stay on top. Customers’ now enjoy limitless options and transparency, and their demands extend far beyond product and price. One [...]

Intrapreneurship – What does that mean to you?

There is a lot of hype around entrepreneurship at the moment, with lots of people wanting to become their own boss. For me, the word entrepreneur conjures up a range of images. From someone planning their start up on their kitchen table to Jordan Daykin, Richard Branson or Lord Sugar, [...]

What is coaching and how do I start?

At New Results we do a lot of work on coaching; between us we’ve got over 30 years of experience.  It’s worth setting out what we mean when we talk about coaching. The fascinating thing for me is the more we speak to people in the marketplace, the more we [...]

Sales series part 1: Reengineering your sales DNA

  Building a company completely geared towards the customer – a high-functioning sales organization responsive to the market and able to anticipate future customer needs - requires approaching sales from a new angle. Read part 1 of our expert blog series #SalesinaDigitalAge. What does your sales organization say about you? [...]

5 Negotiation Tactics That Will Help You to Get a Better Deal

We watch The Apprentice and see the ‘lambs to the slaughter’ negotiating. Not helped by their bravado and arrogance, ‘I’m a shark in business’. Cue the next clip of the poor Apprentice being taken limb from limb by a shopkeeper who won’t give him 5p off of a bottle [...]

Employing Millennials – Who does that?

“All good things must come to an end” I’m not sure who originated the saying but today it rings true for me. It’s mixed emotions as we say goodbye to Kiya Newnham, our Sales and Marketing Manager, as she leaves us to discover the world. Kiya, started working with me [...]

Video Blog – The Power of an ISM Sales Qualification

I have worked within the sales arena for several years in several different roles.  It was only when I started to work with the ISM that I realised how powerful having a sales qualification was. I work within the regulated environment of financial services [...]