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"It's not about us, it is about giving our members around the globe a platform to shine within their industry."

For over 100 years, the ISM has relentlessly pursued business growth for its members and the industry in whatever form it takes, wherever it takes place. We are obsessed with delighting our members with superior products and services and an unwavering commitment to helping them become more effective sales professionals. Today, we are setting the pace that is built on brand innovation, fuelled by data, and inspired by a positive force for good.

Since our formation in 1911, The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) has had one aim; to represent sales professionals across the world.

Winning business is rewarding. Endless potential to achieve and make a difference. But it's tough too. Economic and political uncertainty, challenges to overcome. The ISM is your partner for success. Fixing issues, mitigating risks, championing business. Empowering you with a voice and opportunities for growth.

By joining today, you will instantly demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to development and provide you with career-enhancing support, as well as a range of benefits that are befitting such a prestigious organisation and its esteemed members.

We are also proud of the feedback we have received so far not only as a company but also through the recommendations and endorsements our ISM Team have received from members and corporate partners to date through their own LinkedIn profiles – testament, if any were needed of the quality, passion and integrity our staff possess to ensure your success.

Why should you Join Us?

Our goal is to find a 100,000 members who have had an awesome experience with us and care enough to share our message with others. When we reach that point, we'll see the change we want. That's a big goal, but we see it happening. We feel the momentum. As the old saying goes, there's strength in numbers. Throughout history, groups have come together to achieve benefits far greater than anything they'd be able to accomplish solo. Think about unions in factories or co-ops in housing communities; each of these elements brings together like-minded individuals so they can enjoy the benefits of a larger presence. In the end, the more people who come together, the more possibilities existed on the other end of the spectrum. Our readership on the blog has tripled in just the past few months. And that is after doubling already in the first half of the year. We are talked about at BESMA our annual sales awards and our inquiry inbox is flooded and our audiences are growing.

If you want to be part of something big, then you'll recognise that the more member support we have, the more we can do to bring you better content plus more tools and resources and lobby the UK Government on your behalf. The ISM certainly doesn't feel like a non-profit. It feels more like a lean start-up with an entrepreneurial culture.  

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We have big plans to make the ISM the default approach for all sales professionals and we're making progress, so, if you're looking to join the ISM, in no particular order here are 7 ways we can help you, your organisation or your team

Learning & Development

The current business environment is fast-paced, demanding and constantly evolving. Global general management leaders need the skills to face ever-new situations, so their development as leaders can't be left to chance. A good learning and development strategy incorporates senior executive training, so their leadership skills are continually sharpened. In a company with a clear and effective learning and development strategy, senior executives know that the talent pipeline is secure: team members have received appropriate management skills training to fulfil their individual roles and the management succession plan is solid.
Explore our OFQUAL Approved Sales Qualifications here

Some of our benefits include:

  • Conference Archives Our resource library includes videos and digital audio recordings of keynotes, panels, and workshop sessions
  • ISM Accreditation of your Internal Sales Training Course


It is becoming much more difficult for businesses to get heard or noticed in the today's background noise. But we all crave attention and a personalised approach. Creating a quality dialogue between a brand and its potential customers can be achieved by moving away from the traditional forms of advertising and by experimenting with a different and a more effective marketing channel – so let the ISM help you.

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Some of our benefits include: 

  • Sponsor an event to achieve business goals or increasing your brand awareness
  • Produce a less than 1 minute video on tips and tricks to help support our membership


The ISM firmly believes it is essential to be visible to others, whether it be work colleagues or potential employers, which can be done through effectively networking. Maintaining strong, professional relationships will help give you status within the scientific community. You can help enhance your professional reputation as someone who is supportive and knowledgeable as you exchange valuable advice with others.

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Some of our benefits include: 

  • Collaborate with members within Special Interest Groups to share best practices and create ways to impact our industry positively.
  • Speak on a sales topic at an ISM event to raise your profile and credibility


Regardless of your age or stage of life, being a sales professional is an excellent career path. Sales has changed. The world of selling now requires a completely different mentality and skill set. It's no longer about persuading people into buying something they don't need, don't want, or can't afford. It's about being a credible and trustworthy source of information for when a buyer is looking for your product or service. It's about being there as a trusted advisor to help guide them through the buying process.

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Some of our benefits include: 

  • Interview Practice sessions with an ISM Fellow
  • Feature a sales role within your organisation within our magazine and on social

What Our Members Have Said About Us

Reputation Management in Sales

The ISM feels like one large sales family

Brilliant Member Benefits

I wanted to do something different

Two sales promotions since joining the ISM

Customers feel like they are dealing with a
regulated professional

Any More Questions?


The British Excellence in Sales Management Awards (BESMA) is an awards ceremony hosted by The Institute of Sales Management. The Awards seek to acknowledge the best salespeople and recognise the valuable contribution the sales profession makes to the UK economy and has been running for 15 years. Past BESMA hosts include former England Rugby International and British Lion, Martin Bayfield, Dara Ó Briain, Jack Dee, Ellie Taylor and Jimmy Carr who have all helped to provide fantastic amusement and entertainment throughout the evening.

Watch our BESMA 2019 introduction Video here

Some of our benefits include:

  • Category Sponsorship
  • Cordoned off Champagne sponsor pre-party