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Thursday 28th June


Newcastle Building Society, Portland House,

New Bridge St, NE1 8AL

The Event

After the thriving success of our last North East regional event, we are back again for the next in our event series. We are pleased to welcome Dr Simon Raybould, speaker, author, and specialist trainer for presentations and public speaking. Simon will be presenting an engaging workshop on time management and productivity using the concept of AIR.

Managing our time and being more effective can be a challenge for most people at some point in our lives. We try different methods such as training courses or self-help books about how to get more done or how to balance our lives, but these never seem to last long term. Many people find themselves spending half their time feeling guilty about not getting these things done, maybe not even enjoying time off because it’s time not spent ‘doing things’.

The problem isn’t the tools you’ve learned. The problem is that you don’t have an appropriate framework for these tools. AIR is the framework for looking at what tools you need, what tools you’ve got and when you should use them, as well as looking at some of the tools themselves.

Dr Simon Raybould


Simon is a speaker and trainer. As a speaker, he specialises in resilience, emotional robustness, public speaking and presenting. He's worked throughout the UK and abroad, with clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs to top staff at Dunlop and Dell Computers and from NHS personnel to politicians and researchers.

Simon spent more than two decades in research, gaining an international reputation and being published in a remarkably wide range of journals. The greater part of his research was directly policy-orientated, and he became interested in how scientific research is communicated, explained and applied. To that end, he left research to concentrate on explaining research to people in the 'real world' so that they can benefit from what scientists already know but haven't got around to telling people!

His last book (Presentation Genius) reached number six in the bestsellers list the month it was published!

Takeaways for Attendees:

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    Learn the tools to manage your time more effectively both professionally and in your personal life
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    Develop a durable way of becoming more productive
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    Understand the tools to help you manage emotional resilience and handle stress
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    Hear from our fabulous speaker Tony Wilson

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