We make sure that sales teams are aware of new features and functionality. One of the key parts of our job is to make them smart — and keep them smart … Highspot’s analytics will help us align even better. That’s the next step.

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How to Structure Your Sales Enablement Team

Making the decision to invest in sales enablement is a huge step towards truly accelerating your customer acquisition efforts, but how do you structure this organization? What are their core objectives and responsibilities? Read More: https://www.highspot.com/blog/how-to-structure-your-sales-enablement-team/

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Connecting Your Sales Process to the Buyer’s Journey

Road trips are a great way to get to know someone. They reveal compatibilities, interests, and perspectives on everything from the best route to worthwhile stops. These rites of passage are similar to shared expeditions of buyers and sellers. Both require clear understanding of the ultimate destination, open communication, and eagerness to engage. Read More: https://www.highspot.com/blog/connecting-your-sales-process-to-the-buyers-journey/

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Successful Sales Communication Strategy in 6 Steps

ABC: The motivational sales shorthand for “Always Be Closing” might as well also stand for “Always Be Communicating,” because sales runs on communication. From opening pitch to closing deal, effective communication supports every step in the buyer’s journey and provides a critical link between sellers and internal teams such as marketing. Read More: https://www.highspot.com/blog/successful-sales-communication-strategy-in-six-steps/

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Sales Enablement vs. Sales Engagement: Which Do You Need?

Quality over quantity: we’ve all heard the age-old advice to prioritize value instead of numbers. But of course, in sales, sellers need both quality and quantity to build a busy pipeline of qualified buyers. Sales enablement and sales engagement support sales teams in forming meaningful connections with buyers at scale and streamlining sales processes. Read More: https://www.highspot.com/blog/sales-enablement-vs-sales-engagement-which-do-you-need/

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7 Essential Elements of a Winning Sales Playbook Template

As a Highspot Account Development Representative, I know it is no longer the case that sellers get to control the buying process — rather, it’s the reverse. In many ways, the role of the salesperson has shifted from being the pitcher in baseball, where they get to dictate when and how to deliver the pitch, to the batter, where they now must be ready for anything the prospect decides to throw at them. In fact, [...]

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State of Sales Enablement 2019 Survey

  The State of Sales Enablement 2019 Report is in its fourth annual year. Each year, the report is compiled and published based on input from sales enablement, marketing and sales professionals from companies large and small across the globe. This year, we are seeking insights into sales enablement initiatives and business impact. Please help us complete the 2019 State of Sales Enablement report by participating in a short (15 minute) survey. All survey responses [...]

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