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3 factors that make silent cyber risk so challenging for CROs

A standardized and centralized approach to cyber risk assessment across multiple lines of business enhances management understanding of portfolio risk at various return periods as well as the potential scope for “black swan” events that might exist in the tail. Read more here:

Are mentors a part of your total rewards program?

Organizations that don’t include career development in their total rewards programs are missing an opportunity to develop more talented, engaged employees. Read more here:

Virgin Media Business and Women in Business Partnership: the perfect fit

I was recently given the honour of announcing the launch of the Virgin Media Business partnership with Women in Business Northern Ireland which was positively covered in our local press. Women in Business Northern Ireland is an organisation that celebrates the positive achievements of women in business and helps women [...]

Reducing plastic waste

Plastic pollution is causing huge damage to our natural environment. While plastic waste isn’t Virgin Media’s biggest environmental impact, we too want to do our bit. Today, on World Environment Day, we’re mobilising our people to get behind our established plan to reduce plastic across our business. Our plan tackles [...]

Swotting-up on online safety before going back to school

The new academic year is a big moment for many families. For children, it’s an exciting time as they make new friends and start new classes, but the return to school also brings a whole host of digital challenges including managing friendship groups, pressure to have social media or even [...]

3 Ways to Breathe New Life into a Tired Phonathon

Successful fundraising phonathons are challenging, particularly as you are approaching the same prospect-base year upon year. How do you make sure past donors continue to donate, while also encouraging new donors? To ensure the campaign is effective, simply tweaking old material is not enough. Phonathon managers must examine – and [...]

6 Tips for Writing Better Sales Emails

Let’s face it – if I sent that email to you, you would have deleted it by now, right? Such a snooze fest. This is not the beginning of a winning email. In fact, it sounds a lot like the beginning of a thousand other generic emails I’ve received. Instead [...]

How to Sell Insurance Over the Phone

Selling insurance over the phone can be hard work and requires perseverance to continue after getting a not so desirable response. You will not be able to close a deal on every call. Some prospects will take a little more work to turn into buyers. However, with a little know-how [...]

3 Tips for Using Inside Sales Scripts Effectively

Take a look at the inside sales script your team uses. Does it contain a laundry list of “things to tell” or is it full of qualifying questions that help reps sell? Sales call scripts that help reps uncover pain points during discovery calls and determine if a prospect is [...]

Extroverts and Introverts Working in Sales: What Can They Learn from Each Other?

Before we get started, let’s get one thing clear; introverts and extroverts are two extremes. Yet you can still find both extroverts and introverts working in sales. Yes, most people fall anywhere in between and show a blend of introverted and extroverted traits, with a slight-to-greater-inclination to one extreme. Read [...]

Cost of proposals – how much to invest?

For as long as we can remember, there’s been debate about the cost of bidding. We looked at the data gathered from the 450+ organisations that have completed our free-of-charge online Proposal Benchmarker™. And it reveals some fascinating facts! Read more here: