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Is the fictional character Mike Rose in Suits far from today’s reality?

Suits is an American legal drama television series which is focusing on the talented college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), who initially works as a law associate for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), despite never actually having attended law school. Even from the first season, Mike Ross, the main [...]

5 Negotiation Tactics That Will Help You to Get a Better Deal

We watch The Apprentice and see the ‘lambs to the slaughter’ negotiating. Not helped by their bravado and arrogance, ‘I’m a shark in business’. Cue the next clip of the poor Apprentice being taken limb from limb by a shopkeeper who won’t give him 5p off of a bottle [...]

The Power of Story Selling

One of the most powerful and compelling forms of communication throughout human history has been the story. From bedtime stories to listening to grandparents talking about the good old days, our upbringing has been saturated with story. Now neuroscience allows us to understand exactly why stories are so powerful, and [...]

7 tips for winning new business with social sales

When you’ve made the decision to start using social media for your business, you need to have a goal. It could be to gain more exposure, to increase online conversation, or, as with most businesses, to generate leads. This is one of the hardest things to do on social media, [...]

Beat Blue Monday With Medicash

Today is ‘Blue Monday’, allegedly the most depressing day of the year, with Christmas nothing more than the pineless, lonely remains of a tree in the garden, credit card bills rolling in and pay day is still days away for some. Add to that the cold dark mornings and the [...]

Training budgets: five reasons why company training fails

Many companies assume that investments in sales training will increase sales productivity. And, because the sales team is on the front line of revenue and profit, it seems intuitive that improving sales skills would have a positive, immediate, and direct impact on a company’s bottom line. That assumption, however, has [...]

The Customer is always right

Sit up and listen! Research reveals sales people that don’t listen are missing out on deals Huthwaite International research reveals 61% of customers didn’t feel they were paid adequate attention by the last sales person they spoke with Talking at the customer is a common pitfall in sales Listening to [...]

The six traits of a successful business leader – how to be super persuasive

The art to the perfect deal has long been debated by business leaders and academics alike. But when it comes to being highly persuasive and winning big, what are the real traits of a successful sales leader? David Freedman, Director of Sales at leading sales and negotiation specialists, Huthwaite International, [...]

10 Dirty Tricks to Watch out for when Negotiating

Comments by Neil Clothier, senior expert at negotiation specialists Huthwaite International. Picture the scene. You’re making the deal of a lifetime, yet you suspect foul play is at hand. The stakes are high and there’s a certain level of distrust amongst both parties. Should you counter-act with your own dirty [...]

Five steps to develop a win-win sales deal

Business change is both a logistical and cultural challenge, yet in order to deliver a more effective sales strategy for your business, it is essential. A change in mindset from the sales teams can be driven by many factors - speed of disruption in the market, rapid growth through acquisition [...]