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State of Sales Enablement 2019 Survey

  The State of Sales Enablement 2019 Report is in its fourth annual year. Each year, the report is compiled and published based on input from sales enablement, marketing and sales professionals from companies large and small across the globe. This year, we are seeking insights into sales enablement initiatives [...]

Pester Power – How to negotiate with your kids at Xmas

Feeling the pressure to spend to ensure your children are happy on Christmas morning? Huthwaite International's CEO and negotiation expert, Tony Hughes is here to help you manage your children's expectations in the run-up. As the seasonal toy-advertising blitz reaches its peak, parents are under substantial pressure to overspend on [...]

Sales Enablement: The Latest Trends & Developments You Need To Know

Sales force enablement is among the fastest growing functions in the entire sales industry, and for good reason. When implemented properly, an enablement initiative can help to boost a team’s sales skills, provide them with the right tools and content and generally improve sales performance metrics. Source: Authored and contributed [...]

Needs & Wants Are OK, But Problems Are Even Better

One of our clients approached us recently and said “I need you to run a motivation session for our sales team. Their figures are down and I want you to give them a boost”. We discussed the situation with him, and asked why he felt that doing a quick ‘motivation [...]

Lessons From the First Virtual Workers: Salespeople

In major cities around the world, you can’t turn the corner without running into a co-working office. These membership-based spaces offer all the perks of working at a sleek startup (coffee and snacks, flexible workspaces, trendy decor, etc.) without the investment in footprint. Source: Authored and contributed by: Miller Heiman [...]

ATTENTION: The New Sales Currency

The last five years has been remarkable in the propensity for new sales models. Each one is a stage further in the evolution of the sales process and its ability to get the buyer to invest in what’s best for their business. But it’s one of the older models that [...]

Is Your Sales Talent Getting in the Way of Your Sales Transformation Initiatives?

Advancements in sales technology, such as access to behavioral data and AI-augmented selling, as well as dramatic changes in buyer behaviors have sales leaders everywhere talking about transforming their sales force. Source: Authored and contributed by: Miller Heiman Group

What do the best sales people look like?

I am frequently involved in conversations with C Levels and Sales Leaders that relate to improving sales productivity, and how to deliver predictable revenue growth. Inevitably, I am often asked what it is that the best salespeople do and why I refer to Commitment Based Selling. After meeting thousands of [...]

Will AI Eliminate Sales – or Save It?

"Too many cooks in the kitchen” is a well-known idiom, but “zero cooks in the kitchen” is an apt description of Spyce, a new restaurant in Boston. The four founders of Spyce were mechanical engineering students at MIT when they set out to solve a problem: there were too few [...]

Why Storytelling Is Becoming The #1 Sales Skill To Master

As we were growing up, one of our fondest memories is often associated with sitting on our parent’s knee, being read a story. It created that initial and long-lasting bond between us. Maybe we were intrigued by a fairy-tale, or inspired by a true story of courage and bravery. Whatever [...]