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Six Selling Certainties

1) If your 30-Second Commercial doesn’t answer a prospect’s “What’s in it for me?” question, there will be nothing in it for you! The objective of a 30-second commercial is to capture a prospect’s attention for the purpose of engaging him or her in a relevant and meaningful conversation, [...]

Essential Foundation of Sales Management ISM Accreditation

One of Britain’s leading merchants, Howarth Timber, recently conducted a transformation of their National Sales function. As a result they required a sustainable development programme for their annual Graduate Sales intake as well as their External Sales teams. It was essential that the programme was bespoke and designed with [...]

How to Build a Sales Plan that Withstands Summer Sales Slumps

By rethinking your summer sales plan, you can use a slower market to your advantage. Follow our guide to building a sales plan that withstands summer slumps and turn these notoriously slow months into productive and profitable opportunities. Use LinkedIn for Referral Opportunities Find potential clients that you think fit your [...]

How to Write a Winning Award Entry

We help businesses win awards on a day to day basis. Which is all down to our unique techniques, tried and tested methods, and team of expertly trained award writers who focus only on writing award entries. We’ve even created a whole online training programme called The Awards Expert Academy [...]

What does your typical morning look like?

What is your routine? What happens? And in what order? If you are like most people, you have a morning routine. You likely never chose it; it is just something that you developed over time. Don’t believe me? Think about it this way. What do you put on first? Socks [...]

Why do women sales experts not make audio books?

This week, I started recording the audio version of my best-selling debut book, Secrets of Successful Sales As a dyslexic writing my book was one of the biggest challenges I had taken on in my life. The struggle trying to get the words out of my head and onto [...]

ISM member wins top sales award

Sales Consultant of the Year Announced for East Midlands  East Midland’s Sales Consultant of the Year named as Craig Watts. Craig Watts, aged 28 from Leicester, has been given the prestigious Redrow Sales Consultant of the Year award thanks to his unwavering enthusiasm and determination to find the perfect home [...]

Why Talent Recruitment and Management Need To Come From The Top

Recruitment and talent management are important topics in almost any business, but they have special significance in sales organisations. After all, research from Miller Heiman Group shows that most companies struggle to both identify and retain top talent, and turnover in sales is generally twice that of other corporate roles. Given the fact that both [...]

Why You Are Missing Your Best Opportunities To Increase Sales

In order to increase sales quota year on year and achieve improved results, organisations need to develop the sales skills of their staff and specifically improve the quality of the sales conversations they have. However, you also need to be able to identify opportunities for growth and capitalise on them, [...]

Infographic that covers successful cold calling

We teamed up with Salesforce Canada to create an infographic that covers successful cold calling. It discusses the research salespeople need to conduct before a cold call, as well as what to do during and after the call. Because 80% of sales happen after the fifth contact, cold calling is [...]

See It, Say It, Sorted

Recently here in the UK we have had the launch of a national safety campaign with the simple message of “See it, Say it, Sorted” it’s a security campaign for National Rail and when I first heard it in the build up to Christmas I thought that it made complete [...]